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World of Seeds

World of Seeds - Feminized Collection

World of Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that brings us many strains, in particular native landrace strains from all over the world. Thanks to their beautiful work we can now plant a 100% Pakistani Indica or a 100% African Sativa in your garden. A good way of not resigning yourself to commercial varieties.

South African Kwazulu is a plant from Africa and a high-flying Sativa. It is said this strain grows wildly among the local vegetation and was used by Zulu tribes to find the courage to resist the first British invasion in 1879, managing to resist though they were very few and with worse weapons! Now you can grow it yourself, getting the best out of this amazing strain. Indoors it will become a bit tall so you'd be better off growing it in a SCROG system. It thrives outdoors, since there will be no size problem and you'll be able to get higher yields. It can be grown in any type of climate, it is highly rot and pest resistant and it will be ready for cutting by mid-October. It can yield up to 700g per seasonal plant. Its energizing and uplifting effect makes it ideal for smoking during the day or sharing it with friends.

If your thing is indoor growing, Pakistan Valley is the perfect specimen. You can grow a 100% indica strain, coming from the Hindi Kush valleys. This plants adopts a classic indica shape, with strong trunks and branches and wide, short leaves. It's very robust. When its early flowers start to bloom they warn us of what is coming: they develop fast and keep on gaining weight until the end of the flowering period. We can grow dense and resinous buds, very heavy and filled with relaxing effects. It tastes like sweet hash and has a dense smoke that will make anyone have a good time with its strong effect. Outdoors, plants will be short and compact and we'll be able to get a high production from it without attracting much attention. The most appropriate climate for this strain is a warm-hot one where it will yield up to its potential. It has a very marked physical relaxing effect, since it contains a high level of CBD among its cannabinoids.

Ketama is another of the 100% strains by the bank and very sought-after for its fast bloom. We will have a variety that grows in the Rif Valleys of Morocco, where one of the best hash in the world comes from. This plant grows short and compact and when set to bloom can grow to double the size, so it doesn't shoot up much. Indoors, we can place around 16 plants per lamp and set them directly to flower, getting plants that are "all bud" and bloom as soon as possible. We can get 400-500g without waiting for too long, something commercial growers will appreciate. Outdoors, you can grow plants around 1.5-2m high but which can yield up to 1kg easily. The resin of this strain is its most precious gift since it contains an important amount of trichomes with narcotic and relaxing effects. It tastes like strong hash, flooding your mouth and taste buds. If you do hash or BHO extractions from its flowers, you will get a return like you've never seen before.

Although World of Seeds has also many crosses of varieties that result in amazing hybrids, the truth is it is the landrace strains what's really amazing about this bank and the reason why growers run after them. What is also sure is that you can get them at the best price from our online shop at