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Barney's Farm Auto

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Barney's Farm Auto

Barney's Farm Autoflowering Seeds bank

Barney's Farm Autoflowering Seed Bank

Barney’s Farm is known for their top-quality plants, and now you can get their best strains in a format that takes just 2 months to finish from seed to weed.

Dutch Cannabis Experience

They’re offering seeds such as the famous Pineapple Chunk in autoflowering format, taking no longer than 70 days to finish flowering – this version is, of course, called Pineapple Xpress. These plants grow nice and balanced, taking on the same shape seed after seed, and it’s perfect for hot climates where you can make the absolute most of it. When grown indoors, this plant is perfect for SoG systems, as the central cola is one of its best features in as far as yield. It has a delicious earthy, incensed taste and its relaxing effect is perfect for unwinding.

Potent Psychoactive Autoflowering Strains

Critical Rápido Auto is one of their most-sold strains due to its typically commercial name as well as its large yields. These plants are practically all central cola, making it perfect for indoor grows that produce buds every 55-60 days. This strain has a relaxing, narcotic effect that medicinal marijuana consumers can benefit from. If you smoke recreationally to relax, this strain is also the one for you.

Blue Cheese Auto is another one of this bank’s best seeds, as it became a best seller in their feminized category in no time. You can’t tell by looking at it, but BHO extracts made from this plant turn a nice blue color, unlike the yellowish color that most strains produce. This plant is perfect for outdoor growing, as it grows quite wide which can be a problem for indoor growers. Outdoors, your plant will get as much sunlight as it needs, growing buds on each and every tip – you’ll need to train the branches if you don’t want them to break under the weight of the buds.

Easy Medicinal Cannabis Strains

Sweet Tooth Auto is the best choice for those that love earthy, gravelly strains. This particular plant gives quite a relaxing effect, as well as large yields. It’s perfect for outdoor growers that like planting directly into the ground, where you can get up to 200g from just one plant with the right care and a bit of luck. This strain is highly appreciated medicinally, as its sedating effect can help battle many issues. It takes around 65 days to finish flowering after germination, making it one of the fastest and highest yielding plants this bank has to offer.

For those looking for the perfect indoor autoflowering plant, Sin-Tra-Bajo Auto is the strain for you. This plant grows most of its flowers on the central stem, so you can easily fit anywhere from 16 to 25 plants in a square meter, obtaining up to 400g in just two short months! It comes from a cross between a Mazari-Shariff with an autoflowering plant, giving it a characteristic hash flavor.

Barney's Farm Strain Catalogue

Every single seed that Barney’s Farm has to offer is of the utmost quality, created for growers that want to grow unique yet productive plants. Each seed has its own description written by our team of professionals, so go pick the perfect Barney’s Farm seed, or pick one at random; you’ll still love the results!