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White Label Regular

White Label - Regular Seeds Collection

White Label is a Dutch seed bank backed by another great bank, Sensi Seeds. They work in together to bring us different strains and strains with the same name but from different lineages. If you grow a Super Skunk by each of these two banks at the same time, you will see that despite having the same name, each of them displays particular features. However, it's impossible to say which one is best; they are simply different. You can find maximum quality seeds in regular format to make the best selections of top quality strains.

Master Kush is one of their most widely grown strains: an Indica crossed with an Afghan that will lead to indica plants with a very early flowering period. The combination of these two strains produces compact and heavy plants, ideal to be grown indoors, under grow lamps. Outdoors, Master Kush is prone to have fungi-related problems, since buds are too dense and resinous and tend to keep moisture inside. Indoors, plants will be very generous: you can expect an ultra fast flowering period and 450g/m2 after just 55-60 days from the moment they are set to flower. This strain tastes like wooden or incensed hash and it is used by many Old School smokers. It has a marked corporal and relaxing effect, ideal for resting at the end of the day or for treating insomnia, nervousness or muscular pains.

Super Skunk is one of their insignia strains; it is the one that catapulted them to fame and they are really proud of it. It was created with the commercial grower in mind, since this one yields large productions of quality weed in a short amount of time. Starting from a selection of Afghan plants, they managed to get a plant that can be grown indoors and outdoors and can yield very large crops of resinous and very hard buds. Its taste is strong and pleasant for the smoker and the effect is powerful and demolishing. Indoors, it grows tall and ungainly, letting light penetrate all parts of the plant and develop buds all over. After 65 days of flowering, yields can be over 500g/m2 and overall, it is a very easy and undemanding crop. Outdoors, plants will adapt to any climate since they only need an aired soil and some 4-5 hours of daily exposure to sunlight to give abundant yields. By the end of September or beginning of October, our plants will be ready for harvesting, with next to 1kg per specimen. Super Skunk taste is sweet and strong, nothing to do with the muddy flavor of Skunk#1. Its effect is relaxing for mind and body, ideal for escaping your stressful issues and feeling happy.

White Widow is one of the classic strains that we will never get tired of planting due to its quality and high productivity. This plant is not delicate at all, which makes it ideal for the beginner grower who doesn't know much about plants. It can be grown indoors and outdoors and will lead to very fine specimens in any medium. Plants will become very wide and produce plenty of branches, so you shouldn't plant more than 4-9 plants per square meter indoors. If you want to stop them from reaching the lamps, you shouldn't allow for more than a few days of vegetative growth. The flowering stage should start after 2 weeks (even if plants look still quite small). If you train them with a net, they will produce better buds at the edges of the branches, increasing the final weight of the harvest up to 600g/m2. Outdoors, you can grow specimens which don't demand much, apart from good soil and regular watering. If you add solid nutrients to the soil such as humus during the growing stage or guano during the flowering, you will barely need to use a nutritional base to get very productive specimens. One of the most remarkable features about this strain is the amount of resin it produces. Thanks to its many large trichomes, both flavor and effect will be increased. White Widow tastes strong and bittersweet. A couple of seasonal plants will be more than enough to go through a whole year and this is the reason why they are some of the most popular varieties for outdoor crops.

If you are looking for regular seeds, White Seeds has the right strains for you. Have a look through their different strains and choose the strain that suits you best in terms of taste, desired effect and growing conditions. Our descriptions detail how to grow each variety so that you find it easy to make a choice and grow it. As always, we have discounts and permanent offers so you don't have to worry about the price.