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Ak-47 Regular cannabis plant

Ak-47 Regular

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Chronic Regular cannabis plant

Chronic Regular

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Serious Seeds Regular

Buy AK47 Reg by Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds is a Dutch seed bank that has been supplying award-winning strains for many years. Among their strains they offer one of the most prized strains in the world of cannabis, the same strain that has won trophies such as the High Times Cannabis Cup or the High Life Cannabis Cup, on more than 20 occasions. All strains in their catalogue are top-notch quality and have been selected for one specific characteristic that makes them unique. Now you can enjoy their regular versions, from which you'll grow the best specimens of your favorite strains.

Chronic is one of the most sought-after strains by the bank and it's ideal for indoor crops. This plant grows short and slowly, with very tight-spaced internodes that end up forming a whole central cola. Such a short size allows light to hit the plant everywhere. As a result, Chronic will yield high amounts from 16 plants in what looks like a natural SoG system. If you grow 9 plants per m2 you will have to let them develop properly since otherwise you won't fill the space in the tent. After just 65 flowering days you can harvest up to 600g per 600W lamp. Outdoors, this strain grows well. These plants thrive in sunny and hot climates. If you grow Chronic seeds in a humid area you risk encountering fungi-related or rot problems, so it's an important factor to take into account. Your plants will be ready by the beginning or mid-October, yielding up to 500g per specimen. Plants will be short and filled with buds to the top. Chronic has a relaxing, physical effect, ideal for chilling. It has a sweet and intense taste, very appealing for smokers who enjoy feeling the strength of their weed's smoke.

AK47 Regular Characteristics

Serious Seeds has some of the most prized plants in the world, such as AK-47. It is very famous all over the world. Many other banks use the name but you'll only find real, original AK-47 at Serious Seeds. It is a super strong strain that will send you into a trance from the very first drags. When you smoke it, you'll feel a strong effect running through your body from head to toe. You'll feel how your brain calms down and you'll stop worrying about your problems; there will be only room for enjoyment. If you plant it indoors, it will take more time to flower so it is advisable to employ a technique such as SCRoG. By tutoring them under the net we will be able to keep height under control and achieve a much higher production than if we left the plant growing on its own. Outdoors, it is a very good option for any climate since it is a very resistant plant that will put up with everything apart from frost. If you grow it in a warm climate they can yield up to 1kg per seasonal plant.

If you are looking for an ideal strain for the outdoors, one of the best options on the market is Kali Mist. It is a 100% Sativa that makes for hefty and big plants, particularly if given a long growth period. Branches grow in every direction and by the time the plant starts flowering, you will have to tutor them so that they don't break under the weight. It produces long bud colas on all branches, all of them with many flowers and few leaves. It develops trichomes with a thick head, and it is almost possible to tell if they are ripe with the naked eye. When smoking it, you'll feel an energizing and uplifting effect, ideal for smoking with friends and spending an afternoon full of laughs. It's got a tropical and sugary flavour, and it's very easy to smoke. It is pleasant for non-regular smokers who dislike intense smoke in their lungs and want to enjoy a good high.

The best AK47 on

If you are looking for powerful strains which are different from any other, Serious Seeds in regular format is one of the best options on the market suitable for all kinds of grower. All you have to do is choose your favorite strain, based on the provided descriptions. We have made sure price is not an issue since we enjoy permanent offers and discounts on all regular seeds by Serious Seeds.