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Sensi Seeds Auto

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Sensi Seeds Auto

Sensi Seeds Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds by Sensi Seeds

The prestigious Dutch seeds Sensi Seeds launches its collection of autoflowering strains. These seeds will change your mind about autoflowering plants if you're still a skeptic. All these strains are very easy to grow, feed well and don't require much fertilization. What they need most is a warm climate or indoors growing, water (without excesses) and a balanced nutritional program.

Sensi Seeds' Best Autoflowering Strains

You'll find Sensi Skunk Auto, a strain which will that can give enormous; it won't start to bloom until the 4th or 5th week. You'll get vigorous plants with strong trunks, from which you can collect up to 100 g/plant; in 80 days from sprouting it will be ready for harvest. Its flavors are sweet and has a relaxing effect(80% Indica).

Exclusive Sensi Seeds Strains

Skunk#1 is of the most sown varieties of Sensi Seeds. Now, you have the autoflowering version with a very similar taste and effect but in just 75 days after sprouting. This strain, famous since the 80's for its easiness to grow and quality, is still one of the most abundant in growers' gardens. You'll get productive and heavy plants which will produce weed of a very fine quality and a strong effect. Its hybridization -35% Sativa, 65% Indica- makes them induce both a brainy and corporal high, and a very dense and penetrating smoke. It is ideal for beginner growers, since no special knowledge is required to get a nice crop from these plants.

Super Skunk is an improved selection of the true Skunk#1. When crossbreeding it with many other strains they couldn't achieve what they expected, until they tried to cross it with an Afghan strain. Then, the result was the amazing Super Skunk. It produces plants with a fruity and sweet taste, many buds and few leaves, and which yield a lot and of the highest quality weed. Its 80% indica results in a very pleasant relaxing effect. You could get up to 80g from a single plant in some 70-80 days after sprouting.

Northern Lights is another of their most grown strains. It used to be available only in regular format but now you can enjoy its automatic version, too. It is also present in an infinity of crossbreds of Sensi Seeds and other banks. You can enjoy now its appearance and vigors in plants that will be ready in just 11 weeks after sprouting, and which produce a lot both indoors and outdoors. As we are used to, these plants develop long branches full with buds, which increases the weight per plant considerably. Its relaxing effect is a direct consequence of its 80% Indica genetics while its muddy taste and dense smoke has become its hallmark.

Strains perfected for the best results

If you're looking for vigorous and resistant plants in autoflowering version, Sensi Seeds have a strain for you. Get your Sensi Seeds Auto at the best price, enjoying the offers on our website. In order to facilitate your choice, we have written the reviews of each strain ourselves, based on our personal experiences, so that you are aware of everything you need to know about their cultivation, effect, taste, etc.