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Dutch Passion Auto

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Dutch Passion Auto

Dutch Passion Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Dutch Passion Seeds

Dutch Passion is a Dutch seed bank that has won many cannabis competitions. Anyone looking for quality autoflowering seeds, Dutch Passion is the bank for you! They have some of the best strains out there, now available in Autoflowering format – enjoy a Mazar or Blueberry just 70 days after germination!

Renowned Dutch Passion Autflowering Seeds

Taiga #2 is an autoflowering strain that has a legendary Power Plant in its genes, which is a fast-flowering sativa plant. These plants should be ready just 10 weeks after germination, producing up to 80g per plant. It gives an energetic, uplifting effect that’s perfect for smoking with your friends. It grows quite tall, which isn’t too god for indoor growing but it’ll do amazingly outdoors where it can get the absolute most out of the sunlight.

If you’re looking for sweet flavors, Tundra 2 is the strain for you. This plant has a deliciously citric, orange smell. Its buds grow out thick, covered in little droplets of resin – this plant is perfect for resin extracts. After just 70 days, it’ll be ready to harvest, yielding up to 75g per plant.

Delicious flavors and psychoactive effects

Polar Light Auto is a strain that’s made for smokers that like heavily incensed and sweet flavors – after just 75 days you’ll be able to make the absolute most out of this beauty. Up until now, incensed strains tend to take forever to flower, but Polar Light Auto is ridiculously fast and perfect for indoor growing, as it grows out long side branches with thick buds. It’s one of Dutch Passion’s most resinous strains.

Polar Light #3 is a version of Polar Light that’s been crossed with a Sativa strain in order to increase size and yield, doing best in the sun. It has quite a lemony, citric flavor with an intensely thick, dense smoke. It doesn’t need much care at all, and you can get up to 100g outdoors. Indoors it can be a bit picky and hard to grow, but you can get up to 500g after 75 days with 9 plants per square meter.

Large, High-Yielding Dutch Passion Strains

Auto Mazar is one of their star strains and possibly the highest yielding plant in their autoflowering catalogue. You can get up to 200g per strain after just 10 weeks, so it’s a great option for both indoors and outdoors. It’s indica-dominant and has a relaxing effect, with a sweet, smooth smoke that’s easy to get down. It has a long lasting effect, and you’ll be couch-locked before you know it. They can grow up to 80-90cm tall, with large side branches full of buds.

Auto Blueberry is a strain that grows short and compact, and when it flowers it lets off sweet aromas that have a beautiful blue color. It gives a berry/candy-like flavor. This strain is known for its high yields and indica-dominant. It’s easy to get around 50-70g from this delicious plant, and it’ll be ready after just 70-80 days.

Blue Auto Mazar is the perfect combination of the two previous strains, which just happen to be two of Dutch Passion’s best and most famous strains – now available in one plant! It gives the same high yields as Mazar, with an intense Blueberry flavor. After just 75 days you’ll be ready to harvest these beauties that do well indoors and outdoors.

Dutch Passion Seed Catalogue

If you’re looking for quality seeds, Dutch Passion is the place to go. This prestigious Dutch Seed bank is one of the longest running banks out there. They practically invented feminized strains and now they’re here to take over the world of autoflowering plants, bringing you strains that mature fully in just 60-70 total days.