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Step by Step - How to buy at our website.

Before you start shopping notice how the top right of the website will say "Cart: empty". If it is going to be your first time, I recommend you to open this step by step in another tab of your browser, this way we can help you throughout the process :)

We are going to make an example order of a few pots of 7 liters, 10 units.

Now click next to the green "Add to cart" button.

Now at the top right of the website will appear "Cart: 10".

We have correctly added the pots to the cart.

Now click on the cart and click on " Checkout".

Now let's see how to continue placing our order.

1) Your personal data

Fill in all the cells inserting the personal data and check that they are all correct.

If you are a new customer you can click on "create an account and enjoy the benefits of a registered customer" or do not mark it and place an order as a "guest".

*I recommend that you register so that you can enjoy our discounts and to subscribe to our newsletter so that you receive by e-mail all our news, offers and promotions. We love building community!

2) Shipping Method

Always as an express delivery, our aim is that you enjoy our products as soon as possible, without making you wait ;)

3) Payment Method (select one of the 3 payment methods available)

Payment by credit card, where you do not have to move and your order will leave as quickly as possible and without waiting.

Payment by bank transfer or deposit at any ATM. Remember that if you make a transfer from another bank that is not ours the deposit will take several days to reach our account, so if you do not send us a receipt of the operation we will not know that you have made the payment until we do not appear in our account.

Payment by cash on delivery, where the courier service will charge a small fee of the value of the order, with a minimum of 2 €.

4) Choose your gift

Click on any of the images to choose your gift. Remember that the larger your order, the more and better gifts you will have access to.

5) Shipping address

Fill all the cells inserting the data and check that they are all correct:

Complete address with building number, stairway, floor and door.

Select the country and the province with the detachable tab.

Postal code and City

Contact telephone number

Billing address: Here you can give us your billing information if you want the purchase invoice to be sent to a different address or a company or organization.

6) Modify the quantities and Total Amount

By clicking on the +/- buttons we can add or remove more pots from the order, if you have decided to remove it from the shopping cart click on the drawing of the dustbin.

Check the total of the order and if you have inserted a discount code check that it is reflected in the total amount.

7) Voucher or discount code

If you have a discount code, insert it in this cell and click the "add" button.

8) Leave us a message or comment

Any communication that could improve our services do not hesitate to write to us in this cell.

Remember to accept the terms of service.

9) Continue Shopping

Have you forgotten something? Go back and add it to your cart, you're still in time!

10) Pay and Finish

Click on "pay and finish", order done correctly ;)

Payment by credit or debit card


Fill in the fields of your credit or debit card and then confirm the transaction.


Your order is being processed!


Payment by bank transfer

Data for the transfer:

Quantity: (whichever)


Bank: BBVA

To this account number: ES13 0182 0540 64 0201568502

Do not forget to insert the order number ******* in the concept of the transfer.

An e-mail has been sent with this information.

Your order will be sent shortly, as soon as we receive your payment.

Payment Cash on delivery

Remember that a minimum of 2€ or more will be added to the total amount from the moment that 2% of the value of your order exceeds 2€. You will have to make the payment upon receipt of the order. As you can see, in this example, the amount would be 22.50€ and not 20.50€.

And by e-mail you will receive:

*Remember that no matter which payment method you choose, you will receive confirmation e-mails from us at all times.

When you finish your purchase you will receive an email with your invoice and your order number, with which you can call us and inform you about its status, or see it yourself in the section of my purchases on our website.

Once the order leaves our store, we will send you to the mail a tracking number of our transport companies with which you can see in real time where your package is, so that you are always aware of when you will arrive.

Anyway, you can always call us at any time, and we will gladly resolve your doubts or simply inform you about our services.