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Blue Cheese Auto cannabis plant

Blue Cheese Auto

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Fruit Autoflowering

Fruit Autoflowering

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Haze XXL Auto cannabis plant

Haze XXL Auto

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Dinafem Auto

Dinafem Seeds - Large Autoflowering Catalogue

Dinafem Seed Bank offers very specific strains that are extremely stable and balanced. Dinafem offers all kinds of strains for all kinds of growers; they have sweet, potent and high yielding strains, so that you can find the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Ever since autoflowering strains have been around, Dinafem has been backing them wholeheartedly with their fast-flowering strains; they’re made by crossing normal, seasonal strains with ruderalis plants from the north of Europe and Rusia, where these plants grow in such extreme conditions that they flower according to age or size, rather than the sun. When crossed with seasonal plants, the resulting hybrid has practically the same ruderalis characteristics, fully maturing just 60-90 days after germination.

Dinafem autoflowering seeds properties

Dinafem’s autoflowering catalogue began with RoadRunner, a plant that’s quite surprising in as far as how fast it is and the quality of weed it produces. It doesn’t grow too big, and the yield isn’t ridiculously heavy, but it does take just 60 days to mature after germination. If you give it the right care and perfect climate, you can get quite a large yield per square meter.

The Best Dinafem Seeds Autoflowering Strains

Critical+ is a plant that grows a large central stem alongside branches that point upwards in search of light. With 9-16 plants per grow light indoors you can get large yields, depending on how experienced you are; this plant likes being taken care of, and it’s easy to overwater during its first few weeks, which can cause quite a significant stunt in growth. It’s perfect for old school smokers that want to get decent yields all year round.

Dinafem strains ready in 60 days

If you’re looking for large yields in just 60 days, one of the best strains that you can pick is White Widow, a plant that grows almost as wide as it does tall. This plant produces quite a lot of side branches from which you can get amazing yields if you use a flowering stimulant. Its buds are resinous, dense and quite hefty; perfect for people that enjoy harvesting all year long.

If your preferred flavors are that of sweet, incensed Haze, you’re in luck; Dinafem has an autoflowering version that takes just 65-70 total days to finish up. These plants are practically entirely central stem when it comes to yield – and they’re perfect for growing hidden among other outdoor plants as it grows short and doesn’t really look like cannabis from a distance. If you’re growing indoors, 9-16 plants per square meter and a 600w light is the best way to grow – and you can even do a kind of SoG system adapted to autoflowering plants.

Dinafem's XXL Autoflowering Strains

Dinafem also has XXL strains, that take 90 days instead of 60, making for much higher yields. They’re perfect for outdoor growing, where they can grow as big as they need. Indoors, you might have issues with size, as you can’t set these plants to flower whenever you want and they’re going to grow as big as they’ll grow either way.

They have a White Widow XXL format that really looks like a seasonal plant, and if you grow it outdoors straight in the ground you’ll be astonished by the results. Its long branches fill up with buds from top to bottom, making for quite a hefty final yield. You’ll want to train its branches halfway through the flowering period so that the buds can fatten properly.

You’ve probably already heard of Moby Dick, as it’s one of Dinafem’s most famous strains. They have it in a normal autoflowering format, and an XXL one which takes about a month longer – that time is used to flower even bigger and heftier buds, increasing both yield and quality.

Discover Dinafem Seeds's Enormous Strain Catalogue

So, if you’re looking for a large, productive autofloweing plant, Dinafem definitely has the one for you as they have over 25 strains to choose from; you can look for a specific flavor, size or effect, as each seed has its own description and review written by professionals here at Growbarato, in order to make the choice that much easier for you. All seeds have permanent discounts when bought through our page.