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Seedsman Auto

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Seedsman Auto

Seedsman Auto - Quality Autoflowering Seeds

Seedsman Autoflowering Seeds

Seedsman began their journey in the UK back in 2003. They started by selling other banks’ seeds. In 2007, after having grown cannabis for years, they began breeding and selling their own seeds. They started off selling feminized, seasonal seeds and then a few years later, in 2011, they began adding autoflowering strains to their catalogue.

One of the first every autoflowering strains: Lowryder

The results were amazing. They decided to use an incredibly potent Lowryder to create most of their autoflowering strains. They’ve won over thousands of growers and smokers all over the world due to the quality and affordable prices of their absolute gourmet cannabis seeds. Seedsman is definitely a safe bet.

Our Favorite Seedsman Strains is proud to say that we now stock Seedsman’s Lowryder 2 Auto. This autoflowering strain should be ready to harvest in under three months. This is probably one of the fastest, most discreet and most compact strains on the market right now, so it’s perfect for growing in small areas or cramped areas such as small balconies.

They also have the amazing Chronic Ryder Auto, which was created from a Lowryder 2 Auto and Chronic. Our favorite thing about this strain is its enormous yield compared to how long it takes to grow. Indoors, with a small grow tent we managed to harvest around 450g per square meter, and it took just 6 weeks to fully finish flowering; incredible. Its effect is incredibly potent, producing quite a mental and physical impact that’ll have you couchlocked in no time.

Seedsman - High quality seeds

We had great fun growing Seedsman strains, and we’ve reached the conclusion that their seeds are top quality and worthy of professionals and beginners alike; an up and coming seed bank.