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BSF Seeds Auto

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BSF Seeds Auto

BSF Seeds Auto

BSF Seeds (Bigger, Stronger, Faster) is a Spanish cannabis seed bank that was founded just a couple of years ago in 2017. Don’t be tricked by this short amount of time; their breeders already have decades of experience growing cannabis, which is what has allowed them to make their own feminized and autoflowering catalogue. They specialize in popular US strains.

All of their seeds come from combinations that they made themselves, and the results really are quite impressive. We’re going to talk about some of our favorite autoflowering strains that, after years and years of work, produce enormous XXL yields thanks to BSF Seeds’ work.

Our expert growers are quite a curious folk that felt the need to try out their delicious autoflowering strains and check out their results for themselves.

Moby-D XXL Auto is an absolute revolution in as far as autoflowering cannabis plants. It’s incredibly similar to the original Moby Dick. Of course, it’s an autoflowering version, but it produces some pretty impressive results. If you plant around 9 plants in 11L flowerpots you can grow them up to a meter and a half tall. You can harvest up to 450g per square meter. It has a delicious flavor and an amazingly euphoric effect. We recommend trying their other XXL autoflowering strains, such as Lebron Haze XXL Auto.

Apart from their XXL strains, they have some amazing US varieties. We absolutely have to talk about Godzilla Glue Auto. This is definitely one of our favorite autoflowering strains that’s currently on the market. Godzilla Glue Auto comes from two potent strains such as Gorilla Glue #4 and Girl Scout Cookies; an intense combination of two delicious US strains. We tried it outdoors and were quite surprised with the results and its general behavior. You can harvest an incredible 350g per plant. It has a delicious flavor, and we recommend it for the end of stressful days and for relaxing.

Those that are regular growers that tend to grow all year round indoors will highly appreciate BSF Seeds’ autoflowering mixes that contain up to 12 autoflowering plants; perfect for your indoor grow tent. They have four different packs, although our favorite pack right now is the All Starts USA Automix, with strains such as GSC Auto, Sour Diesel Auto and Gorilla Glue Auto. If you’re an expert grower and like to grow aesthetically pleasing plants, you should try out the Red Line Automix, which contains strains such as Red Critical Auto or Red Sugar Auto which go a beautiful red, purple and pink color; they’re both beautiful and potent.

Here at, we’re certain that you’ll enjoy BSF Seeds’ autoflowering strains; you’ll be astonished at the large yields received, as well as their intense flavor and growth speed.