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Mammoth P - 120ml

Mammoth P

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Mammoth Microbes

Mammoth Microbes

Mammoth is a range of products used for growing cannabis. It was made in the US, and was created by a company called Growcentia which was founded by three microbiologists from Colorado State University.

Mammoth Microbes, high performance ecological fertilizer

The founders are passionate about increasing soil health and promoting ecological, organic agriculture. With this in mind, they started out on a journey to develop a product that exceeded all expectations.

After a lot of testing, they found what they were looking for. They began studying which microbes are the best in order to increase available nutrients for your plants. Once they decided on everything that their mega-fertilizer should have, they began making it and doing various tests in order to guarantee efficiency.

Mammoth P's properties and benefits

Mammoth P was created, a 100% organic fertilizer that improves the amount of nutrients that your plant can absorb both in soil and hydroponic systems. This product will make your plants healthier, grow stronger and flower intensely. It contains micro-organisms and alfalfa extract, meaning that it’s entirely organic. It’s also an OMRI-listed product, certifying it as 100% natural.

It can be used during your plants’ entire life cycle, and it’s compatible with all kinds of fertilizers. It also has an almost-neutral pH level and can be used with automatic watering systems and pipes.

If you’re looking to improve your growing skills more than you’d ever hoped, this product is definitely for you.