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Exotic Seeds Regular

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Exotic Seeds Regular

Exotic Seeds Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular Dutch and Spanish Cannabis Seeds

Exotic Seeds is a bank with a long history when it comes to the world of cannabis. Its extensive catalog demonstrates the dedication and effort made to produce stable, quality strains. Their philosophy consists of offering hybrids of some of the best Spanish and Dutch strains with the goal of breeding innovative and original seeds. And that's exactly what they've been doing for more than 20 years!

By Regular hybrid strains

All hybrids vary in terms of genetic indica-sativa balance, nuances of flavors and aromas, and offer also a large range of effects, whether those are physical or mental. All you'll have to do is find a strain that suits your needs or preferred taste: Exotic Seeds satisfies the needs of all serious growers.

These seeds can be planted using different growing techniques, either in soil - to yield, production and taste - or hydroponics to get the heaviest flowers. Exotic Seeds guarantees quality strains which adapt well to their environment. Among their regular strains we recommend White Jewel, Mango Cream and Spicy Bitch.

Exotic Seeds Strain Catalogue: White Jewel, Mango Cream and Spicy Bitch

White Jewel is a sativa-dominant regular plant with a column-like structure, ideal for planting a large amount (16-25 per m2), set directly to bloom, so that they end up being about 1m tall. Great potency and resin production, fruity and fresh flavor. Its joyful effect will put a smile on your face for hours. Once the effect is gone, you mind will be clear and lucid, with almost no hangover.

Mango Cream regular is one of the sweetest plants in their catalog. Its buds are compact and hard as stone, brimming with resin. It'll be ready after just 8 weeks of flowering. This plant could become your ideal mother plant for indoor and outdoor settings. It's resistant to pest attacks such as thrips and whiteflies. However, we always recommend using preventive treatments such as insecticides.

Spicy Bitch regular is a sativa plant. It takes about 9 weeks of flowering under artificial light and can yield up to 400-500g per m2 in a short time. It's ideal for making BHO and ice-o-lator extracts. Its thick trichomes and resin make the final results incredible. The effect is mild, allowing you to enjoy it during the day while you keep on performing your daily tasks.

Exotic Seeds gives you possibility to plant their strains in regular format. You'll be able to make hybrids with their strains and create your own exclusive plants or choose the perfect mother plant that you can keep for years and years.