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Pure Seeds

Pure Seeds Feminized Cannabis Medicinal Seeds

Pure Seeds is a seed bank founded in 2008, after a lengthy selection process and stabilization that took many years. During that time, their breeders had the opportunity to work with outstanding strains in terms of productivity, flavor, effect and adaptability to different growing methods (soil, hydroponics, coco etc).

The final result of all that work is a whole bunch of stable and easy-to-grow strains. Even novice growers will be able to reap quality plants for a very affordable price and with minimal care. More experienced growers who can tell the needs of a plant just by looking at it, will have the opportunity of trying incredible, impressive feminized strains. Pure Seeds' strains can yield 1g/W if they taken care by an experienced grower.

Their strains are different in as far as scents and flavors and will be able to satisfy even the most demanding smokers. The different flavors range from Skunk-like earthy notes, to a metallic Widow and the incensed flavors of Haze. With regards to the effect, you can also find a large variety of plants, both medicinal and recreational. 3 strains are particularly remarkable and stand out in their catalogue: B3 Medical, Shark Haze and CBD Ultra.

B3 Medical is a stabilized cross of Hashplant x Northern Lights rich in CBD. It's a 100% indica plant, fast flowering and capable of withstanding low temperatures at night. Its incredible taste of hash will take you on a trip to the Moroccan mountains. It produces a smooth feeling of relaxation that can last many hours.

Shark Haze has ultra high levels of THC (up to 22.7%) and doesn't produce anxiety like many high-THC strains can. Many customers claim it gets them aroused and increases sexual desire, increasing their sensitivity. The cross done to produce this green delight was Haze x White Shark. It only takes 8 weeks to complete its flowering period, which isn't that big for a sativa plant.

CBD Ultra is a sativa-dominant plant that takes 12 long weeks to complete its bloom. It's therefore recommended only for experienced indoor growers. It has a powerful medicinal effect and THC:CBD ratio is 1:1. It's very relaxing and mentally soothing. A very special phenotype of MK Ultra was selected. Yields are massive and tastes like incense and lemon.