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Smooth Smoke Regular

Smooth Smoke Regular

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Full Energy Regular

Full Energy Regular

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Tropical Seeds Co. regular

Tropical Seeds Co. Regular Seeds

Tropical Seeds Co. was started in the Canary Islands as the result of many years of work by breeders with a great diversity of backgrounds. From the beginning, these breeders have shown a profound collectivist attitude that sets them apart in the world of seed banks. Their catalogue includes landrace strains with impressive genetics from all over the world. They maintain genetic lineages in danger of extinction, growing them regularly in environments as close as possible to their original climates. These guys are true sativa lovers, though they have also selected excellent indicas and created super powerful hybrids.

The Best Regular Sativa Strains

Old Congo is a 100% sativa strain, the result of many crosses of landraces with the aim of discovering curious genotypes with flowers in flashy colors and ungainly long branches, capable of resisting strong winds and high humidity levels. It has very fruity flavours with an infinity of phenotypes for your smoker's pantry. It can yield up to 300g/m2 indoors. Outdoors, fantastic 3m high specimens can produce up to 700g.

Smooth Smoke is an indica-dominant strain whose main genotype features beautiful purple flowers. It is the result of a selected cross among strains coming from the mountains of Pakistan -the ones that contribute the odd color- and strains from Nepal which provide it with a high resistance to humidity and fungi along with abundant resin production. It is the best-selling strain by Tropical Seeds Co. Now, it is available in regular version so that you can create your own seeds. You will get up to 400g/m2 indoors. Outdoors, plants can become 2m high  and yield over 1200g each.

Tripical Seeds Catalogue of Original Strains

Full Energy is a mainly sativa strain with an amazing vegetative growth. Plants can grow over 3m tall outdoors. This strain will yield fantastic productions of electrifying resinous buds, with an average of 800g per plant. It is very appreciated for its invigorating and psychedelic effects to the delight of most demanding smokers. It features a very intense aroma due to a large range of citrus terpenes that vary depending on the phenotype. It is possible to get up to 350g/m2 of beautiful psychotropic buds in an indoor setting. It is recommended to employ a SCRoG system so that there is no need to raise your lamps. By using this technique, all tips will stay at the same distance from the bulbs.

We have to thank this seed bank for selecting and keeping landraces with their original genetics and enriching the spectrum of marijuana seeds with fantastic strains. Tropical Seeds Co. gives us the chance to work with specimens very different from anything else we might find on the market. If you are willing to sow marijuana plants which are entirely different from what you know, this is your seed bank. In Tropical Seeds' catalogue you'll find super wild 100% sativa plants that will allow you to get fantastic outdoor crops (which are only recommended to expert growers for their indoor cultivation).