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Strain Hunters

Strain Hunters SeedBank Feminized Seeds

Feminized Super Strains Seeds

Strain Hunters Seed Bank is a bank belonging to GreenHouse Seeds and devoted to recovering old genotypes thought to be lost. Their numerous features and studies have helped to bring back to life true legends of the cannabis world. They focused on three continents: India, Africa and South America in which they looked for already forgotten or lost strains and at the most remote locations. Thanks to their documentaries, you can see the different uses of cannabis and ways of manufacturing hash. Their collections include three seed categories: Regular, Autoflowering and Feminized seeds and it is up to the grower to choose the format. This bank was introduced to the market in 2013 and since then their strains have won several awards for their quality and amazing stability.

Super Strains Origins

Our first choice is Money Maker, a powerful version of Master Kush, winner of the High Times Cup at the beginning of the 90's, in its feminized form. With low plants of very thick buds and tightened internodes, this strain grows very quickly and vigorously. The leaves reveal some sativa ancestry but the flowers are undoubtedly indica, with a very sweet aroma of berries that becomes a Kush-like smell. Money Maker forms bunches of very heavy and compact buds, besides, it has a low leaf/calyx ratio so trimming it is very easy. The smoke is very intense, with the berry taste becoming more muddy to end up with a light note of garlic. The effect is markedly narcotic, ideal for very lazy days. From a medicinal point of view it is valuable for those who find it hard to sleep or experience intense pain.

Super Strains | Amnesia by Super Strains

The second strain is Flower Bomb Kush, a true bomb of colors and flavors. It is also a winner, awarded the first prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2012. This particular strain is born from a hybridization between Green Crack from Humboldt Seeds and an OG Kush from a very good selection. This plant isn't the most productive one, but you will be seduced by its quality since it is very appealing to the eyes and nose. It grows quickly like an Afghan and produces few leaves thanks to its sativa ancestry. Its taste is difficult to describe, sharing the aroma and taste of both parents. It reminds of wood but the muddy aftertaste also stays in the palate after smoking. With a clear effect and a very long come-down, this strain will twist our senses with just a few drags. A wonderful strain created for experts by experts.

Finally, we have the feminized Damnesia: a remix of the super popular Amnesia from Amsterdam. It comes from a selection of A.M.S., test-crossed with an Amnesia with a particularly fruity taste. With a short bloom, this strain has almost the same % of sativa in it than its mythic sister but with significant ripening times. It is recommended for outdoors crops where it will take a bit longer to bloom but, instead, will yield flowers capable of couch-locking even the most experienced smoker. A good choice for lovers of those sativa strains whose appearance marked a milestone in the history of marijuana. Damnesia has a strong stimulating effect, that will allow you to carry on with your daily tasks without feeling this heaviness characteristic from indicas.

Arjan, Franco and Simon are Strain Hunters. This Dutch seedbank invites us to try their amazing strains, which have been slightly altered in order to provide stability.

Take advantage of our offers and don't miss out on this extraordinary bank that will surpass all your expectations.