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The Devil's Harvest Regular

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The Devil's Harvest Regular

The Devil's Harvest - Regular Collection

Devil's Harvest | Regular Seeds

The Devil's Harvest came onto the market unexpectedly, winning cannabis cups and many prizes right off the bat. It was created when two successful Dutch breeders decided to join forces and create this fantastic cannabis seed bank. The goal of their founders, Daire and Paul, is to bring their fantastic strains to every grower in the world and they are very close to attaining that. They are specialized in crossing classic (Old school) strains with new strains in order to get delicious flavors in the form of very productive and compact plants, adapted to indoor and outdoor crops. Their regular strains are intended mainly for those growers who want to create their own lineages or who wish to crossbreed them with local strains in order to increase production. You will get female and male specimens so, if your goal isn't creating seeds, you'll have to keep an eye on the first signs of male presence. You'll have to detect their early flowers on time and keep them away from the rest of the crop from the moment you're certain about their sex. We'll describe a few of their most outstanding strains briefly so that you can get to know a bit more about them.

The Best regular Dutch Strains

John Doe is a very productive strain, that seeks to produce clear and energizing effects by blending sativa (60%) and indica (40%) properties. Its long bud colas, with a pointy edge, give it a special look. It got its name after the unknown parental plant from which it inherited such a peculiar look. Its short flowering time makes this strain one of the fastest sativas on the market; ideal for indoor crops. This strain makes it is possible to achieve large yields of 300g/m2 in the best grow rooms. Outdoors, they grow strong and beautiful flowers, with large and pointy bud colas. It produces large quantities of dry buds, yielding up to 600g per plant under the right conditions.

You can also find Hell's Bell, a majorly indica strain that produces large and resinous buds in very compact plants. These plants will suit indoor set ups, producing large amounts of trichomes all over its delicious flowers. You'll be able to harvest up to 300g/m2 under optimal conditions. When grown outdoors, plants become quite big and will be filled with long and sticky bud colas. Your plants will end up covered with a thick layer of resin that will extend to the leaves at the end of the flowering process. It usually leads to specimens that can yield up to 500g of resinous buds under favorable climatic conditions.

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When you sow The Devil's Harvest seeds you are choosing winning strains, guaranteed. Their regular strains give you the chance of working with excellent quality material and make your own crosses to create new strains like you want. It is and ideal bank to initiate oneself in the world of seed breeding and develop very powerful and productive hybrids. Thanks to our discounts you can start your breeding experience for a very reasonable price.