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Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seed Bank feminized varieties

Philosopher Seeds is a Spanish seedbank created by expert growers who become breeders when they started to create their own strains from their private collection of clones. They have produced award-winning strains such as Tropimango or Early Maroc. These strains have gained their good reputation thanks to their quality, having won important prizes such as the Spanish Cannabis Champions Cup.

Amnesika 2.0 is one of their star products. This strain leads to very productive and very fast-blooming plants, with Haze characteristics. Indoors, you'll get plants that grow tall and with a cypress-like shape: 9 plants in 7l pots per m2 is perfect. Outdoors, you can get plants that reach 2m and 850g of yield, ready for harvest at the beginning of October. Its effect is energetic and active, infusing you with the will to do stuff. With the right weather and appropriate curing, its strength will increase until it's capable of clouding your mind after smoking, a true Amnesika.

Sugar Pop is another of their stars. This plant, with its main central cola and few branches, will display few leaves at the end of the growing period and occupies little room. It is ideal for indoor growing, where you can harvest after only 55 flowering days. There are two very marked phenotypes. One of these phenotypes becomes a bit taller and more resinous, while plants from the second type are shorter, with thicker buds. Outdoors, you'll grow a short and discreet version that thrive when planted in May. They provide an exciting and energetic high with a relaxing come-down, ideal for the last few hours of the day.

Black Bomb is an 80% indica strain, ideal for those who like placing many smaller plants. With 16 plants per m2 and set to an early flower (the 3rd week after spouting), you'll get a natural SOG with long central tails and very few branches. Outdoors we'll get plants which are very easy to grow and don't require many cares to yield a nice harvest. Its effect is sedative and medicinal, ideal for those people seeking relief at the end of the day.

Philosopher Seeds brings us its best varieties and we sell them at the best price. Find the right variety for you in our catalogue. You'll find detailed descriptions and reviews done by ourselves to guide you. Take advantage of our discounts and get them at amazing prices.