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Heavyweight Seeds Auto

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Heavyweight Seeds Auto

Heavyweight Seeds Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Strains by Heavyweight Seed Bank

Wide range of strains

HeavyWeight Seeds is a seed bank that offers a wide range of cannabis seeds chosen for their quality and yield – their breeders specifically chose strains with large yields. All of their seeds offer high yields and effects depending on the genes and strains used. Now, you can get your hands on autoflowering versions of these strains which you should be able to harvest 60-65 days after germination.

Heavyweight Seeds' Top Strains

Strains such as Short & Sweet Auto is a strain that comes from AK49 and White Widow, making it perfect for indoor growing. It yields hard buds in short, compact plants that are perfect for artificial lighting. 60 days after germinating it should be ready to harvest, yielding up to 450g per square meter. It has a fruity, metallic flavor and an intense effect. Its effect is bodily relaxing alongside a light psychedelic high – recommended for experienced smokers looking for a strong high.

Fruit Punch Auto is a sweet strain that has a delicious flavor and energetic high. This 80% sativa plant, even though it’s autoflowering, gives large yields thanks to the fact that it takes around 20-30 days longer than normal autoflowering plants. In return for this extra wait, you can harvest up to 100g per plant.

Jackpot Auto is a combination of Jack Herer and Fast2Vast, producing deliciously sweet plants with an intense Jack Herer aftertaste. This weed is perfect for those looking for more intense flavors. It grows perfectly in almost any climate as long as it doesn’t get as cold as 10º so that it doesn’t get stressed and end up with stunted growth. It gives an energizing, active effect that’s perfect for day to say stoners.

Turbo Bud is a strain that gives incredibly large yields in record times – it grows strong and takes just 60 days to fully mature thanks to its explosive flowering period. This weed gives a mixed effect, starting off energetic and turning into a more relaxing come-down. It can  be grown both indoors and outdoors, and it puts up a fight against insect infestations as well as fungi. You can get around 60g per plant.

Quality, sturdy, cold-resistant strains

If you’re looking for quality, autoflowering seeds, look no more! HeavyWeight Seeds has the strain for you. Make the most of our offers and discounts and get your seeds at a ridiculously low price here at