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Family Ganjah Auto

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Family Ganjah Auto

Family Ganjah Auto - Autoflowering  Seeds

Autoflowering Seeds by Family Ganjah Seeds

This Spanish company from Valencia called Family Ganjah Seeds is all about offering their customers collectable cannabis seeds, as well as offering their very own strains that were bred with extreme care by some of the best breeders in Spain.

The workers at this company use an entirely artisanal and ecological process to make, select and pack their seeds. They’ve been growing non-stop since 2008, both in business and plants! The breeders are constantly working to keep their strains healthy and in top-shape for clients. Their seeds make for healthy, strong plants that grow nice and balanced, making them easier to grow.

Weather-resistant, sturdy plants

These seeds grow well in various different areas, climates and pretty much anywhere that you can grow cannabis, producing large thick buds that are just as good as their seasonal plants. These plants generally do well with stress, fungi and insect infestations.

Family Ganjah's best Autoflowering Seeds

Thanks to the fact that Ruderalis (autoflowering cannabis plants) are quite resistant to issues like cold and other extreme types of weather, means that the resulting plants are also extremely strong. Both indoors and out, these plants produce quite a lot of buds that have delicious flavors and aromas. This seed bank has strains such as:

Crazy Lola Auto, an autoflowering strain with an intense aroma and incensed flavor. This plant has jack Herer genes in it and it’ll take just 75 days to finish its cycle after germination and one week less indoors. Get ready for giant central calyxes and intense Jack Herer-like aromas and flavors; incensed and Haze-like.

One of their most “mainstream” strains, quite popular here in Valencia, is Critical Man Auto. This plant comes from a selection of old school Big Bud plants, crossed and re-crossed in order to bring us citric flavors and sweet aromas, similar to Valencian oranges, known around the world for their intense sweet smell.

We also have Ganjah Auto 47, their most sativa autoflowering plant. It grows extremely fast at the start and gives amazing yields due to how well it flowers in just a few weeks – it’s quite easy to grow. In as far as flavor, it’s sweet with earthy hints, giving quite a relaxing, psychoactive effect.

Intense flavors and potent effects

You can check out their full seed catalogue right here on our website with the added benefit of our year-round discounts on all seeds, as well as professionally written descriptions on each seed.