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Family Ganjah

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Family Ganjah

Family Ganjah Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Family Ganjah | High-yielding Intense Strains

Family Ganjah is a Spanish seed bank that sells strains that have had plenty of work put into their genetic selection and growing stability, as the Family Ganjah breeders put the utmost care into processing, packaging and conserving their seeds. Their seeds are top quality, with very marked and varied characteristics for all consumers and growers, so that you can find the perfect one for you. They have outdoor strains and indoor strains with all sorts of effects and flavors for all growers.

Wide Range of Strains

They offer well-known and competition-winning strains such as Critical Man, a strain taken from the famous Kritikal Bilbo, now available in a feminized format. This plant can easily go above and beyond your expectations in both yield and quality. Its fruity, sweet flavor is thanks to its Morango genes, and its fast and large yield is thanks to its Critical Bilbo genes, making this strain capable of growing beautifully impressive plants, perfect for beginners and experts.

Crazy Lola Incensed Cannabis

Crazy Lola, formerly known as Loca Lola, is another one of Family Ganjah’s most impressive plants. This strain is capable of giving White Widow-like yields with a deliciously incensed Jack Herer flavor. Indoors it’s a resin-producing machine, making it the perfect choice if you want to make extracts. It’s highly resistant to rot and bad weather, so it’s also perfect for growing outdoors.

Morango Haze Tropical Cannabis

Morango Haze is a strain for smokers that appreciate flavor over anything else, as it has flavors that range from fruity, to sweet, to incense. It does well both indoors and outdoors, although it grows differently in both. Indoors, Morango Haze grows compact and wide, allowing you to place 4 to 9 plants maximum per light. Outdoors it’ll be able to absorb much more light than indoors, growing more flowers on the lower branches; this strain has won 5 cannabis cups.

Big Trip Skunk Cannabis

Big Trip is a strain that combines the relaxing power of Northern Lights in its purest state with a deep Skunk flavor. These plants grow long colas of buds, especially along the central stem. It can be grown indoors as long as you don’t place many per square meter due to how much they grow. Outdoors, in hot climates, is where you’ll be able to make the most out of this strain thanks to the amount of sunlight it can get, even on the lower branches.

Get your very own Family Ganjah

If you’re looking for a new strain that won’t disappoint, Family Ganjah can easily become your new favorite seed bank. Whichever plant you decide to go for, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results. You can also make the most of our offers, and buy your seeds at a nice discount.