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El Alquimista Auto

El Alquimista Auto

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Samsara Seeds Auto

Autoflowering Cannabis seeds by Samsara Seeds

Samsara Seeds was born with the aim of offering growers a brand new point of view on cannabis. They see their work as a new philosophy or a way of life. Many growers already shared this idea and it was something needed in the cannabis world.

Samsara Seeds' work philosophy and ethic

Though the bank is Spanish, its name comes from a philosophical concept from India. Samsara means the everlasting cycle of birth, life, death and reincarnation. We start sprouting a seed, with time it develops into a seedling, which after a while grows into an adult plant that yields its fruit. Samsara is then an analogy for the everlasting life cycle which we wish not to interrupt.

Their autoflowering strains are wonderful, and most of their strains can be collected after some 9 weeks since sprouting. Their tastes will let you mouth-watering for a long time, too.

El Alquimista Auto, amazing results

One of their most sought-after varieties and most appreciated one is El Alquimista Auto. It is a crossbred of a selection kept for years as a Northern Light, of predominantly indica genetics (With an Afghan ancestry, it was resinous and with hard buds, making it a real autoflowering delicacy). If this wasn't enough, it was crossbred with an AK-47 and a elite specimen of White Dwarf. This resulted in a plant that starts to flower after 21 days, automatically. In less than 40 days after the appearance of the first signs of blooming, the crop will be ready for cutting. This makes it one of the quickest autoflowering strains so far.

Samsara Seeds medicinal properties

With very intense and sweet flavours and a muddy aftertaste at the palate, it will remind you of the weed you could smoke 10 years ago. Indeed, those mythic varieties are now available in auto format. They are accessible for every grower, no matter how big is the space you have. Both the contents of THC and CBD are quite high for an auto strain and its incensed aroma will make your mouth water.

This autoflowering strain and many others by this bank can be purchased in our website. You can enjoy the best quality at affordable prices thanks to our permanent discounts all year round in any of the formats of autoflowering seeds of Samsara Seeds. You'll get the best quality with the best assessment thanks to our professionals.