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Venus Genetics Auto

Venus Genetis Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Venus Genetics Cannabis Seeds

Venus Genetics seed bank started to sell their seeds in 2011. After 10 years of selection they managed to offer their creations to their clients at an incredible quality. This Spanish bank now has followers in every corner of the world and have established themselves as one of the best international cannabis seed banks.

High-THC Venus Genetics Strains

Now you can enjoy selection of their most delicious and powerful strains. They have autoflowering strains which are exact replicas of their seasonal ones in terms of smell, taste and strength. Their automatic strains include Kritikal Max Auto, Red Skunk Auto, Afgan Ryder Auto or Northern Light Auto.

Venus Genetics Best Auto Strains

Red Skunk Auto is a marijuana strain that goes reddish shades during the last 4 weeks of the blooming stage. It will dye itself a bit darker everyday! It won't take more than 65 days from sprouting until completing a full cycle. Indoors, it is super fast. It has a fruity taste with a muddy aftertaste. Its dense smoke will make your mouth water. It won't grow beyond m but will display an enormous central stick.

One of the most productive strains is Afgan Ryder Auto. It's a pure Afghan refined for years and crossbred with a selected Rudelaris of high resistance and vitality. Its Afghan side contributes with its best qualities and dense and hard as stone buds, along with a thick resinous covering. The Rudelaris adds its blooming speed which makes the Afgan Ryder Auto be ready for cutting in only 55 days since the start of the blooming. Some plants will need an extra week which will make the taste slightly earthier. This strain won't grow over 0.8m, ideal for growing indoors 16 plants per m2.

Resinous strains for BHO extracts

One of the classic strains and preferred by regular smokers is the famous Northern Light, in its auto version. It produces resinous buds and has a sweet taste like its parental side along with a strong and robust structure that will enable to stand the weight of the heavy bud tails at the end of the harvest. It acquired its automatic qualities thanks to a crossbred with a Rudelaris (an elite selection of the bank) and it's now independent from the photoperiod and displays a quick blooming. The plant will reach 1m easily and has a proper ramification from the lower part, along with an unparalleled central point. Very resistant to fungus, pests and diseases, its selective genetics makes it an all-terrain plant. Minimum cares and a weekly irrigation without excessive fertilization will result in very good yields in less than 2 months after sprouting. If you take care of this strain properly, you'll see by yourself it acquires a macerated taste like honey and becomes a true delicacy for all palates.

AkTombe Auto is one of the favorite strains of Venus Genetics breeders. It has the sweet taste of a true Ak47 and yields fast enough to meet the expectations of the most demanding and impatient growers. This strain can be harvested in only 8 weeks after sprouting. Outdoors, it will have to stay for 1 week and a half longer so that it can reach its ripeness point. It is usually around 0.9m tall. Its average production is about 60g per plant. An ideal strain for those looking for a quick cultivation of top quality marijuana, both indoors and outdoors.+

Discover Venus Genetics Strain Catalogue

You can purchase any of the Venus Genetics' strains from our website, with permanent discounts all year round. Take advantage of the assessment and advise of our team and read carefully the reviews we've written for you. Choose your favorite strain and grow at any time of the year, both indoors and outdoors.