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Green House Seeds Auto

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Green House Seeds Auto

Green House Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds by Green House Seeds

Green House Seeds is a growing seed bank and master genetecists for all kinds of plant: indicas, sativas, hybrids and autoflowering types. They offer high quality seeds at very affordable prices.

Green House experts guarantee germination

Their seeds germinate easily, which is a direct consequence of the extensive work carried out by the breeders at the bank. They have received more than 25 awards in cannabis growing and marijuana related competitions and are internationally renowned. All Green House strains are of high quality and give amazing results for autoflowering types. Some of them can even be used for medicinal purposes. The bank has all kind of autoflowering plants: sativa-dominant types and hybrids as well as some indica-dominant ones and a large range of autoflowering varieties. Their seeds are available all around the world.

Green House Seeds' Best Autoflowering Strains

One of their autoflowering strains for medicinal use is King Kush Auto; the result of crossbreeding an original Hindu Kush over 30 years old and one of their elite autoflowering types, selected for its vigor, robustness and its flowering speed. They managed to create a strain with an exotic taste, with a medium-short height, tough and capable of dealing with bad weather. The plant won't reach even 1m indoors and will be slightly taller outdoors. It will complete the blooming period just 9-10 weeks after sprouting. The effect of this strain is a durable "high" that will have you feeling super stoned and heavy - perfect for pain relief.

Another of their most appreciated strains is Super Bud Autoflowering. This strain is easy and quick to grow. It produces a short-medium plant that we'll be able to harvest just 8 weeks after sprouting. Just water it and it will produce delicious Skunk-like buds, full of resin. This plant wont grow 1m outdoors, nor indoors. However, its fast growth and vigor make it one of the best possible strains. Despite its size, it can produce up to 90g/plant under the right conditions, particularly during the months from June to August.

High yielding resinous strains

Last but not least, we will talk about Super Lemon Haze Automatic. This strain has an energetic and stimulating effect. It comes from Super Lemon Haze crossed with a Rudelaris elite. The result is delicious. In only 70 days after germination you'll be able to enjoy very good yields for an autoflowering strain. Now, many growers can enjoy sativa buds in a record time while not worrying about space problems or long blooming times. Buds are long and full of calyxes and will result in very hefty yields, particularly outdoors where the plant can reach 1m of height. Buds will be resinous and with a marked sweet-incensed aroma. Productions will be around 80g/plant outdoors and around 400g/m2 indoors. This strain is very easy to grow and has a good capacity of nutrients absorption. Remember not to go beyond a level of EC of 2. This is particularly important during the last 2 weeks where the fertilizer dose must be reduced to less than a half since the plants start to eat much less during the ripening time.

All these strains of autoflowering plants of Green House Seeds are available at GrowBarato at the best price since we enjoy permanent offers all year round. We provide you with assessment too, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any doubt.