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Pyramid Seeds Auto

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Pyramid Seeds Auto

Pyramid Seeds Autoflowering Strains

Pyramid Seeds - Autoflowering Specialized Seed Bank

Pyramis Seeds has become one of the big names in the growing Spanish world thanks to a hard work in doing great crossbreds that have developed a large catalogue of strains of different tastes, shapes and color s. Since their prices are quite affordable you will certainly find a strain that suits your needs. Year after year their genotypes have gained stability and have become very homogeneous. All strains in their large catalogue of autoflowering are easy to grow and of the highest quality, and are the result of years of selecting the strongest ones.

Their powerful genetics are ideal to be grown both in 21 l and in 7 l pots. They adapt amazingly well to any environment and their roots are particularly vigorous. They have been created in the Iberian Peninsula and are adapted to its conditions, which increases its outdoors resistance. If you used to find problems of resistance to harshness, you won't have them with these seeds. They will grow as any other garden plant, yielding their exquisite fruit with no problem. The Catalan climate -where they come from- go through almost all seasonal conditions and the seeds endure it very well.

Main Pyramid Seeds Autoflowering Strains

Their first autoflowering appeared as the result of crossbreds between hybrid strains. It was from one of these crossbreds, in particular between the strong White Widow and the tasty Somango, that the Anubis first saw the light. The other strain par excellence of this bank is the famous Tutankhamon. The analysis of the last one revealed super high levels of THC and it's one of the autoflowering strains with the highest content in THC so far. A good smoker is always after a great content of THC in his daughter plants and he will also appreciate the great and sugary buds of this variety.

Strains with high THC

They have kept progressing and today they have many other strains with improved quality and flavours. Along with the two previous strains we could highlight varieties such as the Auto Purple, Auto Alpujarreña, Auto Fresh Candy or Auto Lennon, used by the professionals and connoisseurs. This bank has consolidated its activity much quicker than any other one thanks to a great work and a very clever management and marketing in more than 6 languages. Many experienced growers will confirm you their results are as good as those of other banks with the double of years of experience.

Their best results in autoflowering are got when sowing in May and cutting in July or August, when it's really hot. We recommend to plant at the beginning of May (before June, anyway) but it is also possible to do several crops during the spring-summer cycle.

Pyramid Seeds | Quality Autoflowering Strains

If you are looking for quality autoflowering plants and besides, you'll like to plant strains that are adapted to the Spanish outdoors climate, Pyramid Seeds has a large catalogue of strains for you. You'll find attractive discounts in all their formats, so all you have to do is reading their detailed descriptions and choose your favorite one .