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Genehtik Seeds - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Genehtik is a Spanish seed bank that has chosen and selected the best strains in order to bring us award-winning strains. Since the beginning of the 90's they have devoted themselves to collecting and test-crossing their selected strains along with some from other breeders and from every corner of the world. They have managed to create their own special collection of strains, full of flavor and high yields.

Kritical Bilbo is their most well-known strain and there's hardly any cannabis enthusiast out there who hasn't grown it or at least tried it. This plant grows very fast, both during the growing and the flowering stages. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, and is easily adaptable to different climates. As long as it receives 5hrs of direct sunlight it will grow fine, even if it's a bit cold at night. Indoors is where you'll see the best flowers. You can get up to 500g/m2 every time you plant it and it should be ready after 65 flowering days. Outdoors, it will be ready at the end of September and if you grow it in hot weather, the final yield will be overwhelming.

Another of their famous strains is Amnesia Bilbo, a strain with a very stimulant sativa and mental effect. This plant, though of Sativa predominance, doesn't grow much. It stays compact and looks like a tree with the branches close to the trunk. The most noticeable fact is its central stem, containing large open buds that are highly resinous - 20g indoors and much more outdoors. Indoors you'll get plants that flower in 75 days with high yields and strong mental effects. Outdoors, you will have to harvest at the end of October or beginning of November, but it does well with humidity. By simply using preventive treatments such as Propolis you can keep your plants safe.

Who hasn't heard about the deliciously sweet Txomango? It's a strain for candy lovers since both the aroma of the plant and its flavor is totally fruity. This plant grows compact and strong; it's a 50% Sativa hybrid that tends to show its most Sativa side in both appearance and effect. It won't yield many flowers, but the quality of the harvest will increase compared to many other strains. Indoors, it flowers properly without becoming too tall, allowing the light from the grow lamps to fully reach the plants. Outdoors, we'll have to plant it in a warm climate in order to get a good yield. With the proper soil and an ideal climate you could get 500-600g from a single plant, ready for harvest around mid-October.

If you're looking for plants with an excellent taste and great resin yield, don't look any further, no one can beat Genehtik. 
You'll find all their strains in our catalogue and at a great price.