Critical Jack

Critical Jack

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Critical Jack

Critical Jack by Dinafem joins two of the most famous cannabis varieties, Critical + (for its production and indoor speed) and Jack Herer for its high and psychoactive effect.


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Product description

Critical Jack by Dinafem is an ideal variety for those growers who want plants of energetic effect without sacrificing the production nor waiting for a long flowering period. It’s a variety very resistant to fungi and rots, inherited from her Jack Herer parent which also provides an awake effect. Critical+ provides a faster flowering and denser buds, allowing for the highest possible productions in any growing medium.

This strain is very used indoors, under lamps, since it yields productions very similar to those of Critical+, but with a very different taste. To smoke incense-tasting weed, we had to wait for long flowering times but with Critical Jack we’ll save a few weeks of cultivation. It also has denser flowers compared to the typical Sativas, so we won’t lose weight with this awake-effect marijuana.

Indoors it performs very well, not taking much lateral space, and we can place many plants not interfering with each other. We must not allow a long growth, it’s an ideal variety to place 16 plants/m2 switching right into a 12/12h. We’ll have a layer of long land thick colas, that can grow bigger if you used stakes to help bear their weight. By itself it forms a central cola with a few satellites that add up to the final weight. Grown under SCROG we’ll get long buds that grow past the net. With them it will be easy to get 1g per watt. Our plants will be ready in about 60 flowering days producing 625g per m2.

Outdoors, the plants will reach larger sizes, with high productions and a very manageable cultivation. Its branches will receive more light than indoors, so it will produce buds full of resin from the first branches up to the central stem. They can be staked to open their branches and hold them in place so when the flowering begins they don’t fall because of the extra weight and can keep growing. Not sensitive to climate, it flowers early to avoid the cold and the first rains of autumn. By the end of September, beginning of October our crop will be ready for the harvest, yielding more than 1kg per seasonal plant.

Its taste is of incense, with earthy and citric hints, very pleasant for the old-school smoker. Its effect is awake and lifting, cerebral and somewhat corporal. You’ll feel your mind opening to new ideas and you’ll enjoy your conversations with your friends in a different way. Ideal for depressed people, they will experiment a new way of seeing things and will feel like doing things again, to go out and connect better with other people.

Where ever we grow, indoors or outdoors, we’ll have plants of the best quality with few cares. Critical Jack isn’t a delicate plant at all, ideal for beginners that looks for an easy to grow and resistant genetics. Whichever the growing medium we choose, this variety won’t disappoint us.

It will always have a strong structure, able to bear its own flowering weight, but if helped with staking it will produce more. It’s used to low-nutrient soils, so we won’t need to fertilise a lot to have a good production. From the very first days, we’ll see how it grows green and strong, keeping that dark color until well into the flowering.

So, if you want a plant that yields very good crops, strong against fungi and pests, and that doesn’t require you being an expert, Critical Jack is for you.

Characteristics of Critical Jack by Dinafem

  • Sativa/Indica: 60/40%
  • Flowering: 8-9 weeks indoors; late September, beginning of October, outdoors.
  • Height: 1.2-1.4m indoors 1.5-2m outdoors

Data sheet

  • Flavor - Incense
  • Climate - Dry
  • Effect - Active-Alert
  • Genotype - Sativa hybrid


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Ricardo Arias

Cosecha muy simple

No ha presentado ningun problema hasta ahora, resiste muy bien las altas temperaturas y los abonos, estructura muy homogenea, la poda apical tiene que realizarse a tiempo y en las fases tempranas, pues luego le quita bastante altura, muy buen olor y hasta ahora ninguna fitoenfermdad, recomendable 100% para los primerizos como yo, me gusta mucho y estoy esperando con ansias su etapa de floracion, saludos desde el norte de chile.



    los cogollos estan como piedras,estoy muy contento de haberla comprado

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      Critical Jack

      Critical Jack

      Critical Jack by Dinafem joins two of the most famous cannabis varieties, Critical + (for its production and indoor speed) and Jack Herer for its high and psychoactive effect.

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