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R-Kiem Regular Cannabis Plant

R-Kiem Regular

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R-Kiem Regular

R-Kiem Regular

R-Kiem Seeds is a seed bank created by the best Spanish and international growers, who have been sharing their knowledge since 1998 and keep on improving their strains. We will find top-notch quality seeds since, besides selecting their packed seeds by hand, they grow their crops only with pure organic products. Their products inherit healthy genes, which will lead to healthy plants. This improves the quality of our crops which is an added value when it comes to choosing your seeds.

They only have one strain in regular format, but it will produce very generous plants we can use it to create your very own hybrid strain. It comes from a cross of elite clones from USA and Canada that was stabilized via hybridization with an M8 Blue. By using this strain in a cross, you will be able to increase resin production and shortening the flowering period while turning an amazing color.

R-Kiem Regular is their regular strain. It adapts to all type of climates and crops, whether it is indoors or outdoors. You'll get a high production in both media. However, you will have to take good care of your plants if you want to make the most of this strain.

Indoors, R-Kiem plants grow well, becoming a bit tall (about 1.2 m high). You'll have to put a net with 9 plants per m2 or do an apical prune and then set 4 plants in the same space. This will be more than enough to cover the space and will get to collect up to 500 g per 600W spot. Using a net will help us achieve the maximal weight since buds become much thicker when their weight is supported.

Outdoors, this plant can put up with many different stressful issues, particularly fungi. As a result, you won't have to worry about the first rains or humid climates. Where other plants don't manage to sprout, R-Kiem can produce some of the best harvests you've seen. Your plants can grow to about 1.5-2m tall, becoming slightly rickety when the buds gain weight. The best thing to do is perform the same apical pruning as indoors but just from the 5th node. This will result in many more branches and an impressive ball of buds. By proceeding this way it is possible to harvest next to 1 kg per seasonal plant.

If you want to buy R-Kiem regular seeds on our website, now's the right time. Besides having permanent discounts, each description contains all of the information you need to make an informed decision.