Planting autoflowering strains in corn

When growing your plants outdoors in the open you run the risk that someone walking by might see them and the next time you go and check on them, they will have disappeared. This is the worst thing that can happen to a grower, so you’ll need to pay attention to your crops and choose the spot where you want to plant them wisely. Autoflowering strains are perfect for guerilla growers due to how small they grow, meaning that they’re harder to see. One of the most used techniques by outdoor growers is to grow their plants disguised in between other plants.

You can easily disguise your plants by planting autoflowering strains in corn, where they’ll be totally camouflaged in between the long rows of corn. The good thing about autoflowering strains is that you don’t have to worry about the corn needing to be harvested, as they’re small and fast. When autoflowering seeds weren’t around a lot of growers had to harvest their plants way before they were due, due to having to harvest the corn which would leave the plants out in the open.Planting autoflowering strains in corn

Corn plants can grow up to 2.5m, whereas autoflowering plants can reach up to 1.5m meaning that they are the perfect size to hide in with the corn. Corn plants also grow long and stretched out, and are usually planted side by side with rather dense foliage; sunlight can easily get through the foliage which makes it perfect for your autoflowering plants. Corn also lets off quite a strong smell which should be enough to suppress the odor that comes from your plants.

Planting autoflowering strains in corn

If you have your own crop you can place your plants dotted around the field so that no matter what angle you look at the corn from, you still won’t be able to see the plants. From a certain distance, marijuana and corn fruit looks exactly the same due to the fact that the corn is covered in a green husk. Not even helicopters will be able to see your plants if you use this method. If a helicopter did fly by, all they’d see is a whole lot of identical plants, so they won’t even suspect that you have your plants there.

Planting autoflowering strains in corn

Corn is your best friend when it comes to hiding your crops, but there are a lot of other plants that can be used depending on how they’re grown and their structure; you can use a myriad of other plants or crops to disguise your crop.

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