Did you know that the CIA used cannabis as a “truth-telling drug” during the Second World War? Or that cannabis seeds are an amazing food full of vegetable proteins and fatty acids? This post is going to address the most amazing and interesting facts about marijuana throughout history. A historical, cultural and scientific overview about one of the most controversial and spectacular plants, known for thousands of years.

Interesting Marijuana Facts

A Millenary Plant with a Lot of History

Some historians catalogue cannabis as the most ancient plant grown by humans. First archaeological marijuana findings date as back as 6.000 B.C; we are referring to certain vessels made of hemp fibers that were found in Asia. Ever since, cannabis has been useful for multiple purposes such as textile, medicinal, religious or recreational up to nowadays. All cultures register historical findings regarding cannabis cultivation and consumption; from the Chinese Empire, Aztecs and Inca tribes to Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire or the Arab world.

USA and its Cannabis Idyll

If there is a place where cannabis has been specially relevant for the past few centuries, that is for sure in the USA. This American country is one of the main marijuana producers in the world, its cultivation and consumption is actually legal in some states.

In order to understand that relationship you need to look back at when it gained its independence from England. Although it might seem amazing, the Declaration of Independence draft was made of hemp paper, however, the final document was written using a more resistant type of paper.

interesting facts about marijuana

Back in the old days, American colonists had to grow hemp for textile purposes under the different patriotic English laws. George Washington himself was a frequent marijuana grower and consumer for medicinal purposes; specially to relieve the pain caused by his denture. JF Kennedy also used it to alleviate his constant back aches.

420, a special number for marijuana smokers

Without a doubt, this number is very iconic in the cannabis culture. All consumers and/or growers would know what 420, 4/20 or 4:20 mean. This number references the 20th of April, known as “Weed Day”. This date became so popular because the creators became very famous back in the days (start of the 70’s); when the country was at that time packed with penalties and restrictions. 

4:20 references the time of the afternoon at which a group of San Rafael students (California) used to meet up to smoke marijuana next to a Louis Pasteur monument, right after school and before engaging in  their after school activities. 

This date is so important that some movies, like Pulp fiction, show clocks stopped at that time. Years later, going to a hotel to smoke weed on the 20th of April into a 420 room became such a popular plan that some hotels started removing that number room from their establishments.

The interesting symbiosis between tropical fruits and cannabis

The union between tropical fruits and marijuana mainly centers around terpenes, myrcene in concrete. This terpene is present in the cannabis composition of mango and cannabis; which means that combining them together could result in the maximization of strains’ flavors, scents and effects. This is possible because THC terpenes adhere to the ones present in fruits once they enter the bloodstream; thus increasing stimulating sensations on a cerebral level.

Cannabis doesn’t produce overdose

Although some society sectors might believe that marijuana could cause an overdose, this is far from reality. The truth is that there has never been a death registered by cannabis intoxication in the world. Different estimations backed up by the scientific community explain that to experience death, a person would have to ingest 680 kg of cannabis in 15 minutes. This brings on the need to offer an exhaustive and objective education regarding cannabis composition and effects. Of course, consumption should be moderate and responsible.

Marijuana Curiosities: Vikings Cultivated Cannabis

Latest discoveries found that vikings used to grow marijuana plants. And were possibly responsible for bringing it into different regions of Canada. Canadian island Terranova and, more concretely, the area of l’Anse aux Meadows, was besieged and occupied by vikings for at least 200 years. Certain archaeological remains involved non-native plants like cannabis, which reinforces this theory. 

interesting facts about marijuana

On the other hand, some findings in the Norwegian county of Vest-Adger suggest that cannabis was grown on a frequent basis, mainly for textile purposes. However, the thesis of vikings cultivating and consuming cannabis still has no solid scientific base; therefore this data should be taken with reservations.

Did William Shakespeare Smoke Cannabis?

A research published by the South African Journal of Science magazine says that that William Shakespeare probably smoked marijuana. Their arguments base this theory on different pipes found in Stratford-upon- Avon. The dramatist’s home, which had nicotine and cannabis traces. These findings lead to believe that Shakespeare used marijuana as an inspiration method to write his mythical theater plays. 

Bhutan’s Pigs are Fed with Marijuana

Bhutan is a country that applies alternative and not very frequent methods to its population. It has created an index to measure its citizens’ happiness, although this list does not include marijuana consumption. Quite unusual given the fact that this territory is on the Himalayan border and features immense meadows full of marijuana plants, which is a surplus. For this reason, their farm pigs eat marijuana nearly everyday, which is why they are “the happiest animals on earth”.

Jamaica and its Current Marijuana Shortage

If you think about marijuana, it’s impossible not to link it to Jamaica. This place of worship for Rastafarian religion and reggae music has seen its marijuana production seriously compromised and even decreased by different climatic factors. Storms, hurricanes and a pertinacious dryness have diminished growers’ work along different regions. This, combined with Covid-19 effects, made prices rise which resulted in lower consumption rates.

interesting facts about marijuana

Interesting Facts About Marijuana: Similarities between Beer and Cannabis

Another curiosity that calls for attention is the amazing resemblance between beer and marijuana. Both products belong to the cannabaceae family and both are capable of producing psychoactive effects. Although lupule (lupulline) is a lot less powerful than cannabinoids present in marijuana, such as THC. 

Most Surprising Marijuana Curiosities

As you have probably realized after reading this GB The Green Brand  post, marijuana is a plant with a lot of history and worldwide noteworthy milestones. For example, Rastafarians are legally allowed to consume marijuana in Italy. Breast milk contains cannabinoids (different to those present in cannabis). Even Henry Ford made a car using hemp fibers. These are just some interesting facts about marijuana; but there are lots more that would impress everyone that finds out about them. 

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