Rosin is a type of cannabis extract made using three different elements: heat, pressure and time. The main thing is to properly adjust these three parameters in order to obtain the best possible results. Of course, the quality of the buds or the used hash also play an important role in the final product. 

What is Rosin?

Rosin or hash Rosin is the result of squeezing hash or marijuana buds using pressure and heat for a certain length of time. These extracts have increased in popularity over the last few years because they are fast and easy to make. Rosin is safer and healthier than other BHO extracts. 

The Rosin technique holds plenty of terpenes and cannabinoids, therefore, its effects are more intense than other cannabis concentrates. However, the returned extract obtained varies a lot depending on the used technique. Rosin obtains between 12 and 22%, kief between 40-60% and live resin up to 80%.

Rosin extract

Making Rosin requires a press with heated plates. This extract was initially performed using a hair straightener. The Rosin technique can be carried out at home, but of course, the amount obtained will be much less than when using a specialized press for this type of product.

Types of Rosin presses

Currently, you can find up to five different types of Rosin presses in the market. Choosing one or another depends mainly on the performance, size, weight, preferences or budget of the users. 

Manual press

The main advantage of a manual rosin press is its compact structure and easy to use mechanism. Perfect for those that want to make small extractions at home. These presses don’t involve any type of external force, all the pressure comes from the strength of the user. 

Automatic or electric press

Very easy to use as they don’t require any physical effort. Automatic rosin presses are silent and great performers.

Hydraulic press

Hydraulic rosin presses make pressure through a piston that pushes the liquid inside it. With a hydraulic press, you can adjust the temperature and pressure to adapt it to the type of strain used to make the extract. Results are amazing.

Pneumatic press

Pneumatic presses are probably the ones that provide best results in a shorter space of time. This type of press needs electricity to work. It applies one thousand times more pressure than a manual press.

Hybrid press

Hybrid presses are similar to electric ones. The main difference is that you need to hold a button constantly to keep it turned on. They are hefty but silent and the speed parameters are adjustable.

Rosin presses come in different strengths. They are available with up to 20 tons of pressure, but good quality extracts don’t need any more than 10 tons. The more temperature and pressure, the more product in less time. However, the results will have less quality because there will be too many cannabinoids and terpenes lost if the process isn’t carried out carefully. 

How to make Rosin

Making Rosin is not only about having a press. Other elements will facilitate the process and improve the final quality of the product. 

Necessary items to make Rosin extractions

  • Rosin press
  • pre-press molds
  • Filter meshes
  • Dry and good quality resinous buds or hash

Making Rosin step by step

The first step is to heat up the plates. If you are using buds, the temperature of the plates should range between 85º C and 110º C to make an optimum quality concentrate. However, there isn’t one perfect temperature for all extractions, as all strains respond differently to certain parameters. For hash, temperatures must range between 65 ºC and 105ºC.

In order to make the most out of the pressed material, it is best to use a pre-press mold. The function of this mold is to press the dry flowers into a brick shape to fit as many buds as possible into the press. These molds have the same size as filter meshes, optimizing the space. For best results, the filters must have a grid of between 73 and 220 microns.

Rosin vape

Once the flowers have been pre-pressed and stuck inside the Rosin filter mesh, you need to wrap everything in baking paper, leaving an opening on the top, which is where the extract will come out during the extraction process. Place the packed flowers on the press and start applying pressure until you see the first drops of Rosin. At that moment, apply more pressure and leave it there for 1-3 minutes, until all the extract comes out.

Our recommendation is to place a piece of baking paper or a Pyrex tray on the bottom of the plates to easily retrieve any possible bits that might fall off the press. This extract is ready for use right after its extraction, but it is best to let it rest for a few days, as this will add certain touches that are hard to perceive straight away.

Rosin uses

Cannabis enthusiasts emphasize that Rosin is more concentrated, therefore, its effects are more potent than those provided by conventional marijuana. As a matter of fact, this product is used in smaller amounts than ordinary buds or hash. Although it can be decarboxylated using a cigarette, it is not advisable.

The least toxic way to consume this extract is by vaping it or using it for cooking. However, it is usually consumed in a bong or a glass pipe.

GB The Green Brand presses

GB The Green Brand has expanded its catalog with a wide range of Rosin presses with the intention to adapt to our clients’ needs. Our catalog includes presses of different strengths, sizes and budgets. From the most compact and budget friendly option, such as the Qnubu Press Kompact 2.0 Manual 600Kg, to the most professional and automatic versions, like the Atomic Automatic 20 Ton Rosin Press.

GB Rosin presses

At the end of the day, regardless of the press used, the best way to obtain good quality Rosin is by trial and error. Each cannabis strain performs at its best with different parameters and the only way to find out which ones to use is with practice. 

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With more than 10 years of background in the cannabis sector, his experience and knowledge are the base of GB The Green Brand’s success

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