Although cannabis sativa is a millenary plant, the cannabis industry is relatively young and researches addressing its effects and organoleptic properties are constantly evolving, trying hard to obtain the best cannabis seeds.

Investigations, new flavor demands, plant characteristics and properties plus prestigious cannabis cups all have an influence in the creation of new trends in the cannabis industry. Who doesn’t want to grow the latest prestigious Amsterdam or California cup winner?

The most important seed banks are always fast at getting the best clones of the seeds they reckon growers will be more interested in.

Such seed banks perform crosses and I+D+I work to include these new seed trends to their catalogs.

Plenty of growers follow tendencies by reading forums, magazines and cannabis webs, really looking forward to growing their favorite seed bank latest addition.

Although the market is still highly influenced by the OG Kush wave that has taken over in the past few years, the 2021 cross trends are clearly moving towards American genetics with sweeter flavors and impressive resin amounts. This aspect is also very clear in the amount of cannabinoids that we can find in these genetics, with THC levels that can sometimes surpass 25%.

The 10 best cannabis seeds in 2021

Zkitllez, Gorilla Glue #4, Gelato, Dos-Si-Dos, Wedding Cake, Cherry pie or Mimosa are nowadays the most important strains and they are available in all possible formats: autoflowering, fast version, high in CBD, high in THC or with a 1:1 ratio.

It’s also easy to find crosses between some of them or even with the same strain; crosses with classic strains or seed bank personalized versions. 

Gorilla glue #4:

best cannabis strains
  • Percentage: 50% sativa-50% indica
  • Cannabinoids: THC over 28% in some plants or extremely low in others.
  • Parents: (Diesel Chem Sis x Sour Dubb) x Chocolate Thai
  • Yield per m² : 500-550 g/m² – up to 1200 g per plant outdoors
  • Flavor: Earthy diesel with a citrus and pine background. Very palatable.
  • Interesting facts: Right now it’s one of the top 3 most popular strains, with more than 100 different versions and plenty of won awards.

Gelato #33:

best marijuana seeds
  • Percentage: 50% sativa-50% indica
  • Cannabinoids: THC levels higher than 25%, low CBD content
  • Parents: Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies “Thin Mint”
  • Yield per m²: 450-500 g/m² – 500-700 g per plant outdoors
  • Flavor: Very intense, sweet with acid and earthy touches
  • Interesting facts: This cannabis wonder was created by Sherbinski, a prestigious breeder who is part of the Cookie Fam team.


  • Percentage: 30% sativa-70% indica
  • Cannabinoids: THC levels range between 15-20% – low CBD content
  • Parents: (Grape Ape x Grapefruit) x unknown clone
  • Yield per m²: 450-500g/m² on average -800 g per plant outdoors
  • Flavor: Very intense sweet and caramel taste combined with tropical fruit touches
  • Interesting facts: This strain produces quite a strong brain buzz, unusual for indica strains


dos i dos best marijuana
  • Percentage: 30% sativa- 70% indica
  • Cannabinoids: 24-30% THC
  • Parents: Face Off OG x Girl Scout Cookies
  • Yield per m²: up to 350 g/m² indoors – up to 750 g per plant outdoors
  • Flavor: Earthy mixed with sweet touches
  • Interesting facts: When grown indoors, it’s recommended to install an active carbon filter to disguise its pungent scents.

Wedding Cake:

wedding cake cannabis strain
  • Percentage: 70% sativa – 30% indica
  • Cannabinoids: 25% THC – 0.4% CBD – 0.1% CBG
  • Parents: Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush
  • Yield per m²: up to 650 g/m² indoors – up to 2000 g per plant outdoors
  • Flavor: Sweet background with a touch of vanilla mixed with lemon and mint
  • Interesting facts: Not recommended for rookie smokers as the experience could be a bit overwhelming.

Cherry Pie:

best cannabis seeds
  • Percentage: 5% sativa – 95% indica
  • Cannabinoids: High THC – 0.1% CBD
  • Parents: Cherry AK x Purple Punch
  • Yield per m²: 450 -650 g/m² indoors -350-500 g per plant outdoors
  • Flavor: Fruity with a cherry touch
  • Interesting facts: Easy to grow strain. Perfect for rookie growers.


best cannabis seeds
  • Percentage: 70% sativa – 30% indica
  • Cannabinoids: up to 30% THC – low CBD
  • Parents: Purple Punch x Clementine
  • Yield per m²: 700 g/m² indoors – up to 2000 g per plant outdoors
  • Flavor: citrus
  • Interesting facts: It grows very fast and it can easily reach 90 cm when grown indoors, therefore, you have to keep an eye when cultivating it inside a grow tent.

Growers most seek characteristics or properties

Strains with high CBG content

CBG, just like CBD, is a very promising cannabinoid when it comes to relieving the symptoms of plenty of conditions. Although it has been less studied than CBD, it also holds a lot of therapeutic potential. Up until now, it has proven to be a very effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, capable of slowing down cancer cell growth as well as relieving the pain produced by that sickness.

Due to its characteristics and properties, the studies regarding this cannabinoid have been focused on its effects over glaucoma, Huntington’s disease or medicine resistant bacteria and swelling. These CBG peculiarities are increasing its demand. The best marijuana seed banks are now including cannabis strains rich in this substance. 

Strains with high CBD content

It’s a fact that cannabis has medicinal properties. When marijuana plants lack THC, its psychoactive ingredient, they are most suitable to treat seizures or pain episodes. Now that this information is widely spread, more people want to benefit from these therapeutic benefits without having to experience the possible negative effects that traditional cannabis can cause. Plenty of studies prove that CBD is a cannabinoid with plenty of properties suitable for medicinal use.

For this reason, most seed banks already include CBD-rich strains with very low THC levels. This sorts out the problem of therapeutic users that only want to treat the symptoms of their illnesses.

Autoflowering strains

Autoflowering strains are still in high demand by plenty of growers due to their characteristics. Its discrete development makes them perfect to grow in balconies, small terraces or reduced areas.

Its Ruderalis genetic grants them with a 60-90 days vital cycle and because they aren’t photoperiod dependent, they are ideal for people that don’t have the time to take care of seasonal grows, for those that want fast yields and for rookie growers. Autoflowering strains provide various yields throughout the year.

Overall, there is a huge selection of marijuana seeds with different characteristics: growth, yields, flavors, parents, etc. However, the list increases every year, in-line with the latest trends. During 2021, Cherry Pie, Mimosa or Gelato # 33 have increased in popularity but let’s not forget the great advancements made with autoflowering strains as well as with those rich in CBD and CBG.

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With more than 10 years of background in the cannabis sector, his experience and knowledge are the base of GB The Green Brand’s success

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