Reflective sheeting for grow rooms is an absolute must if you want to get the most out of your plants in as far as yield and light exposure. Professional growers cover the inside of their grow rooms with this type of sheeting or they use a grow tent already equipped with it.

Today we’re going to have a look at the different types of reflective sheeting that we stock at GB The Green Brand so that you can make an informed decision regarding which one is best for you.

Reflective sheeting for grow rooms | History

When people first started growing cannabis, they didn’t pay much attention to the walls around them – after some time they logically deduced that if they created a more reflective surface they could improve the amount of light being spread around the room from the grow lamps.

The first thing they did was to start painting their walls white or using any type of reflective material they could find. This did indeed improve light reflection by around 5 to 15% at the most when it comes to painting the walls. Those that decided to use reflective material, however, experienced some pretty negative side effects, as their grow room was heating up much more than it should, with hot spots forming all around the room.

reflective sheeting

Reflective sheeting for grow rooms | How it’s used now

Nowadays, thankfully, there are various different types of reflective sheeting available, specifically designed to be used in indoor grows. This type of sheeting or plastic is generally known for the fact that it can reflect up to 80% of all light that hits it, which stops it from heating up like other materials.

The most typically used reflective sheeting in this industry is either white or silver aluminum; both are great for growing cannabis, although there are a few differences between the two.

Aluminum sheeting: this type of sheeting is the best at reflecting light generated by artificial lighting (+90%) although it isn’t the best at spreading it, so you may end up with hot pockets.

White sheeting: this particular type of sheeting isn’t as reflective as aluminum sheeting (-90%) although it is much more balanced. It spreads light much more efficiently, which stops hot spots from forming.

These two comparisons don’t really help much when it comes to making a choice, and most people basically just go with the silver sheeting because it’s shiny. In order to make this a bit easier we’re going to go through our top 5 favorite sheetings for indoors, all of which you can get on our online store.

Reflective sheeting for grow rooms | TOP 5

Black & White Thick Reflective Sheeting

black and white reflective sheeting

White reflective paper does not reflect as much light as silver sheeting, although it is better in other aspects. This particular paper has one white side and one black side. The black side is places against the wall, stopping light from getting out, and the white side is the part that should be visible.

This type of sheeting is perfect for covering walls easily and simply; it’s 2m tall, and you can choose how many meters you want in the menu included in the product description. It’s also great for using it as a wall in your grow room thanks to the fact that it’s opaque.

Eco Diamond Reflective Sheeting

reflective sheeting for grow rooms

This type of aluminum sheeting is incredibly highly reflective, which makes for much higher yields from the plants placed to the sides. It’s designed for covering the walls and can’t be used to separate areas in your grow room, as it’s slightly see-through without a wall behind it.

When placed on your walls in your grow room, you need to make sure that there are no wrinkles in the fabric. These can cause hot spots that can negatively affect your plants.

Mylar Diamond Reflective Sheeting

mylar reflective sheeting

This is a great choice if you want maximum reflection while also spreading quite a lot of light, helping to avoid hot spots from forming. It’s designed with pyramid shapes, which helps to increase light reflection up to 95% and you can use it to cut off other areas of your grow room.

If you’re looking to hide your indoor from thermal cameras, this sheeting is ideal. Thanks to the materials used to make the back of it, it won’t heat up your walls. For the best possible results and insulation you’ll need to cover the entire inside of the room.

Reflective Plastic Sheeting & Insulator

diamond reflective sheeting mylar

If you want to make absolute certain that nobody using an infrared camera can detect your grow room, you will need to get a specific type of material that stops radiation from electrical devices from getting through. This type of sheeting does that by creating a thin layer of air between the wall and the reflective paper, which is made using different types of metals such as aluminum or lead.

In order to make this as efficient as possible, you’ll need to completely cover the inside of your grow room. If you miss any parts, it will all have been for nothing.  When it comes to light reflection and balance, it does a pretty amazing job and holds up well against our other examples. Thanks to the fact that it’s fully opaque you can easily use it to separate areas in your grow room.

DisSwat Insulator + AutoFix Model

reflective sheeting for grow rooms

Disswat is one of the top brands when it comes to reflective sheeting for growing cannabis. It offers over 90% light reflection and spreads quite a lot of light around, making it really hard for hot spots to occur. Make sure to flatten it out perfectly for the best possible light reflection.

It’s an incredibly high quality material that’s made out of various different metals which stop every all traces of radiation coming from electrical devices from getting out of the room. It has a thin layer of air bubbles in between both sides, which helps to insulate the temperature inside the rooms. The Autofix model is perfect for simply placing on your wall and done – no need for duct tape or staplers.

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