Hemp seed oil has an incredible amount of beneficial properties that are only recently being studied with increasing enthusiasm thanks to the amazing benefits that hemp seed oil can provide when consumed daily.

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Many people still don’t trust hemp seed oil due to the fact that it comes from cannabis plants, or rather the seeds used to grow a non-psychoactive form of cannabis. We’ve gone over the difference between hemp and cannabis in another article.

People tend to think that consuming this oil is going to give them some sort of stoned effect, which is why many people stay far away from it. This is simply not true – hemp seed oil is one of the healthiest and most beneficial oils in the world, even better than olive and sunflower oil.

Where is hemp seed oil extracted from?

Hemp oil is extracted, as its name would suggest, from seeds harvested from industrial hemp fields – these industrial hemp plants are fully legal and authorized.

What are the benefits of hemp seed oil?This type of crop is possible thanks to the fact that hemp plants produce incredibly low amounts of THC, and are not permitted to go over 0.2%. There are very few strains that have been authorized for industrial hemp crops, from which fiber and hemp seed oil can be later extracted.

Let’s have a look at some of the few legal hemp strains in the European Union:

  • Santhica 70: perfect for hemp seed oil extracts
  • Felina 32: used for CBD-rich hemp flowers
  • Zenit: perfect for hemp seed oil extracts
  • Monoica: perfect for oil, seeds and fiber
  • Kompolti: used for CBD flowers and hemp seed oil
  • Futura 75: rich in fiber and CBD flowers

How is hemp seed oil extracted?

What are the benefits of hemp seed oil?In order to obtain pure hemp oil, all that’s needed are a lot of hemp seeds, although not all hemp strains produce enough oil or seeds for this purpose – only specific strains can be used for making oil.

The perfect hemp plant for making hemp oil should be capable of yielding plenty of seeds, which need to be quite large. This allows us to create larger amounts of oil compared to smaller plants that produce smaller seeds.

In order to extract hemp seed oil, a cold press technique is used in order to keep all of the oil’s properties intact, making the most out of all of the oil extracted from the seeds. This technique, which uses low amounts of heat and pressure, is used quite a lot when it comes to the food industry, as it doesn’t alter the properties of any sort of food due to low heat.

Nutritional information

Nutritional information of hemp seed oil per 100g, which contains 80% fatty acids.

Saturated fats:

  • Palmatic acid 3%
  • Stearic acid 2%
  • Arachidic acid 0.5%

Monounsaturated fats:

  • Oleic acid 12%

Polyunsaturated fats:

  • Linolenic acid 55%
  • Alpha linolenic acid 20%
  • Arachidonic acid 1%
  • Gamma-linoleic acid 4%
  • Steardonic acid 2%

The above percentages are the maximum amount per 100g hemp seed oil. They may be lower depending on the strain as well as the crop and extraction method.

If you were to compare the amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in hemp oil with any other type of oil, you’ll see that there is absolutely no other type of oil that has the same amount of Omegas as hemp soil; one of the healthiest oils for human consumption in the world.

Thanks to the large amount of proteins and amino-acids that it contains, it’s perfect for those that do sports regularly and want to increase muscle mass in the most natural and healthy way possible.

What are the benefits of hemp seed oil?

What are the benefits of hemp seed oil?

One of the biggest, most widely-known benefits that hemp seed oil can provide is a considerable decrease in cardiovascular disease risk. It’s also known to be anti-carcinogenic.

It’s also worth noting that hemp oil has an incredible amount of benefits for the skin and scalp. It has intense hydrating and anti-oxidant properties, which is why it’s used in a lot of skin and hair-care products, perfect for daily use.

Let’s have a look at some of hemp oil’s most beneficial properties.

Health benefits:

  1. Big source of protein
  2. Source of essential fatty acids
  3. Incredibly hydrating for the skin and hair
  4. Can calm various different skin issues (itches, eczema, psoriasis, acne, dandruff etc.)
  5. Strengthens nails and improves appearance
  6. Stops premature skin aging
  7. Improves your immune system
  8. Offers a small amount of UV protection
  9. Can fight skin infections
  10. Accelerates the healing process
  11. May stop stretch marks from occurring
  12. Can prevent cancer
  13. Can treat fibromyalgia
  14. Used to prevent cardio-vascular issues

Also, in recent years and after many in depth investigations done by the University of Seville, hemp oil medicinal use was patented for the prevention and treatment of patients with fibromyalgia.

How do you take hemp seed oil?

hemp seed oilThis is possibly the easiest part of the process. In order to get the most out of its beneficial properties all you need are a couple of tea spoons a day, although you can also simply add it to a salad or any of your meals.

Keep in mind that this oil isn’t recommended for frying – it loses many of its properties when heated up, which is why it’s recommended for cool dishes only.


What are the benefits of hemp seed oil?Hemp oil is something that absolutely every chef should have in their kitchen and you should definitely consider adding it to your daily routine. You can simply have a couple of spoonfuls, add it to a meal or even rub it into your skin once a day in order to make the most of its effects.

Hemp seed oil has an incredible amount of benefits that are quite intriguing, as well was its high Omega 3 and 6 levels, making it one of the best oils in the world and definitely the best oil for human consumption.

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It’s great to learn that hemp seed oil can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. My wife is getting older and she is wondering how she can lower her risk of heart disease in her elder years. I’ll be sure to tell her that she should consider taking hemp seed oil for her heart health.

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