We all ask ourselves how much marijuana costs in different countries, right? You might be planning a trip somewhere and in an attempt to avoid issues when travelling through security, you Marijuana prices around the worlddecide to buy locally because you might be staying there for a while, and obviously to do that you’ll need to have some background on prices in different places.

Keep in mind that consumption and sales laws regarding cannabis can vary a lot from country to country, so you’ll need to know if it’s legal or at least accepted to consume marijuana in the country you’re planning to visit.

Prices are quite affected by such laws, just like they’re affected by where the country is and what its culture is like; if marijuana is grown there then the price probably won’t be too high, although if you’re visiting somewhere where it has to be imported from somewhere else, it’ll be more expensive, and the farther away the country they’re importing from, the more expensive the product. Of course, these aren’t the only factors that can influence prices; the type of strain of product can also mean extremely high prices.

The UN Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has released a report detailing the average price of marijuana on the black market of each country. Although we’re not part of the black market, which is illegal in many parts of the world, we believe that it’s a good starting point to find the actual price of the product; the more countries to have a legal market, the cheaper the price which means that there will be less black market marijuana activity and the legal product will probably be higher quality.

Marijuana price list according to country:

Like we’ve said, prices can vary a whole lot, and you must keep in mind that this isn’t an official pricing list, just an approximate number taken from the black market. Here’s a list of the places where it’s the most expensive to buy marijuana:

  • The most expensive place in the world is the United Emirates, where only the richest of people can afford this luxury; the average price per gram is 101.792 euro.
  • Next, we have Brunei, where marijuana is still quite expensive but the price drops a bit to 68.293 euro.
  • The third in our top 3 most expensive countries is Japan, where you can get one gram for 63.281 euro
  • Cyprus is the most expensive European country in which to buy marijuana, with a cost of approximately 36.729 euro per gram.
  • In Estonia you can buy marijuana for just 23.268 per gram.
  • In Finland prices are dropping a bit with 21.464 euro per gram.
  • In Singapore marijuana costs 20.445 euro for just one gram.
  • Coming in ninth in the top ten most expensive countries to buy marijuana is Norway, just a few cents less than Singapore; 20.399 per gram.
  • The last country on the most expensive list is Ecuador, where marijuana costs about 18.504 per gram.

Next, we have the top 10 cheapest countries for buying marijuana:

  • India is the cheapest place in the world to buy marijuana, at just 0.08 euro per gram.
  • The second cheapest is South Africa, where you can get one gram for just 0.092 euro.
  • Guatemala, Nigeria and Kenya are tied for third place, all three selling marijuana for 0.185 euro per gram.
  • Brazil is the sixth cheapest country in the world, with just 0.278 per gram.
  • The seventh country on this list is Colombia, where one gram is 0.370 euro.
  • After Colombia we have the Dominican Republic, where you can find marijuana for just 0.463 euro per gram.
  • The second last most expensive country on our top 10 list is Haiti, selling one gram for 0.555 euro.
  • The most expensive in our top 10 cheapest list is China, selling one gram of marijuana for 0.740 euro.

Just so you know, according to this report the average price of a gram of marijuana in Spain on the black market is 4.626 euro per gram, sitting nicely at number 32 on the list of cheapest countries for buying marijuana.

Translation: Ciara Murphy

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