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DeepRoot Dripper

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The DeepRoot dripper is an amazing system that’s placed beside your plants' roots.

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The DeepRoot dripper is super easy to use and it provides some pretty decent results; strong, healthy plants that’ll have as much water and as many nutrients as they could possibly need.

You can use it in automatic watering systems as long as the nutrients used are fully dissolvable and you use a cleaning agent such as ATA Clean in order to keep the pipes perfectly clean and unobstructed.

You’ll need to connect it straight to a watering tube or using a T connector; you can also use an adjustable valve in order to control water flow. We recommend using ConeFast connectors, as they’re the easiest to set up (you may need a sharp knife or punch in order to cut the piping to your liking).

This amazing root watering system allows your plants to make the most out of the water given to them – you won’t waste a single drop and it most definitely won’t pool up at the top.

Always water moderately – your plants need their soil to dry up between waterings in order to avoid soaking and accidentally drowning your plants’ roots. Your plants’ roots also need to breathe and need access to clean air as well as water.

If you soak your plants’ roots they may not be able to absorb any water at all, presenting similar symptoms to drought. A common mistake made by beginners is overwatering when they think their plant needs more water, when in reality they simply can’t breathe.

You can stop this from happening, or at least help prevent it, by adding materials to your substrate that adds oxygen to the roots, such as coco coir or clay balls.

This device was made using high-end materials which stop algae and other organisms from growing on it. Available in two different sizes.

If you have any questions regarding how to set it up or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re happy to help.

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Gotero emisor DeepRoot

DeepRoot Dripper


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