Telescopic Watering Wand

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Telescopic Watering Wand
  •  Telescopic Watering Wand
  • Telescopic watering wand head
  •  Telescopic Watering Wand
  • Telescopic watering wand head
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This telescopic watering wand is useful to water grows or crops just like if the tap was placed on top of the pot, using as much water as needed. Water even the most inaccessible plants with comfort.


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Telescopic Watering Wand

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This budget telescopic watering wand can be used for indoor, outdoor grows or urban gardens, facilitating the task of watering hard to access plants. They simply need to be connected to a garden tap or water deposit in order to water the plants by just pressing a button. If a hose is needed, clamps can be used in case of leakage. This wand can connect to different watering systems like submersible pumps or gravity flow deposits, although with this last one pressure will go down a lot and water flow will not be as effective.

How to extend and Adjust the Wand

If the length needs to be modified, the central screw must be loosened and then pull or push in order to change it to a preferable size. Once it is at a comfortable length simply tighten the screw again. All screws include a sealing ring to avoid water leakage through the connection.

For water to come out, all that needs to be done is press the handle button and water will start flowing through the irrigation head. A water flow monitor (not included) can be used to know the exact amount of water each plant is getting.

The perfect tool for indoor watering

This wand features characteristics that make it perfect for indoor grows where plants are too near each other and hard to access. Now front plants will not need to be moved to reach the last row. This Telescopic Watering Wand extends to a maximum of 146 cm.

Plants need a certain amount of water and this item makes it easy to stop the flow once that amount has been reached. If a hose was to be used, stopping water flow would not be as easy which would flood the bottom of indoor grows. Being able to stop water flow from pot to pot makes this task much easier.

As jet flow can be easily started and stopped, substrate can get wet slowly, giving it the exact amount of water it needs, making a lot easier than using a hose on its own.

Using this Watering Wand with a Water Pump

This wand can connect to a submersible water pump. Such a pump needs to have a high-water flow of at least 2000 L/h so that it receives enough pressure to function fluidly. If we want water to come out with as much pressure as if it was directly connected to the tap, then a 3000 L/h water pump is required.

The pump must be inside a deposit in order for nutrients and water to be mixed. Same thing occurs with PH regulation, nutrients need to be pre-treated, adjusting PH to the perfect levels regarding the different growth phases. Such tasks could not be carried out if the lance was directly connected to the water tap.

Telescopic Watering Wand Parts

  • Irrigation head: It has a directable irrigation head that can be targeted to where it is needed and can be turned at different angles, quite handy to not direct the water flow directly to the substrate and leave roots exposed to direct light by mistake.
  • Quick connector: This useful item can quickly and efficiently connect a hose to the wand. It measures ½” and adapts to all types of pressure.
  • Handle: It has a fully ergonomic plastic handle and another one made of sponge in the middle of the pole that apart from adapting to the hand, does not slip even when wet, making gardening tasks easier.
  • Telescopic Pole: This piece can extend or shrink, adapting to your needs. At its shortest length it measures 94 cm and at its longest, 146 cm. It can adapt to any measure ranging those lengths by tightening the screw at the desired size.
  • Jets: The irrigation head features 7 different jets that will adapt to all watering necessities. It is not the same thing watering a large garden then small plants that need special care when hydrating their substrate. The different positions are: Mist, Soaker, Cone, Center, Flat, Jet and Shower. They all make water jets come out differently, ensuring functionality.
  • Materials: This watering wand has been manufactured with economic and resistant materials, guaranteeing great durability at a budget price. It is made from hard plastic and aluminum, light and sturdy all at once.

Telescopic watering wand characteristics

  • Non extended size: 94 cm
  • Extended size: 146 cm
  • Handle: ergonomic hard plastic and resistant sponge
  • Irrigation head: 360̊ rotation and 180̊ inclination
  • Quick connector: 13 mm diameter and ½”
  • Jets: 7 different ones
  • Diameter: 15 mm pole
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Telescopic Watering Wand Reviews

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Muy bueno


lanza de riego muy cómoda puedo llegar a cualquier zona ,calidad precio de lo mejor.


Envío rápido, vienr con un interruptor para cortar el riego


Esta lanza de riego con la bomba de 3500 Water Master flipas, me va genial, gracias chicos!!


Metro y medio de lanza de riego, qué pasada, no sabeis el tiempo q me habeis ahorrado


He cambiado la lanza normal por la extensible y es otro mundo, además con el pedido me llegó un regalazo que no me esperaba, volveré a pedir aqui!


Hola Emilio!
Tienes razón, para evitar que se acumulen restos de nutrientes recomendamos enjuagarla con agua limpia después de un uso regular.
Un saludo!


Hola! Cómo se limpia la lanza de riego? Si riego con nutrientes me imagino que se acumularán


No sé como antes regaba sin lanza de riego la verdad... no sabía como me estaba complicando la vida jajaja gracias!!!!


Me llegó al dia siguiente de hacer el pedido, eso si que es servicio, gracias growbarato!


lo q antes me costaba la vida ahora ya lo acabo en 5 minutos, va genial y ademas esta super bien diseñado, 10/10!


muy economico y esque la verdad que me hacia falta una de estas..gracias

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