Graveda E-rig Dabton V2 Portable Wax/Oil/Dab Vaporizer

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Graveda E-rig Dabton V2 Portable Wax/Oil/Dab Vaporizer
  •  Graveda E-rig Dabton V2 Portable Wax/Oil/Dab Vaporizer
  •  Graveda E-rig Dabton V2 Portable Wax/Oil/Dab Vaporizer

Graveda E-rig Dabton V2 portable vaporizer is stylish and elegant. It can be easily charged with a USB cable.


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Graveda E-rig Dabton V2 Portable Wax/Oil/Dab Vaporizer

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Graveda E-rig V2 portable vaporizer for wax/oil/dabs is ideal for cannabis extract lovers. This elegant device has been designed in Germany by Graveda, Eurobuds and VAW and is very efficient with dab extracts. Easy to clean and made with high quality materials.

BHO extracts have become more popular over the years and the easiest/quickest way to consume them is by using a dab, bong or water pipe (bubbler). E-rig Dabton V2 has a screen that shows the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit (your choice) that is being used at every moment, and it can be easily adjusted with buttons.

It has two 800 mAh lithium batteries and 220v. It can be charged with a USB cable and it will take approximately 45 minutes. Its atomizer transforms oil into vapor very discreetly, therefore it can be used anywhere. This vaporizer can be utilized for medicinal and recreational purposes.

How the E-rig V2 Dabton Vaporizer Works

E-rig V2 Dabton vaporizer should be cleaned before using it for the first time to remove possible debris from transport and manufacturing. Charge it with the provided USB cable.

Once it is clean and charged fill the glass bubbler with the recommended amount of water (more or less one third of the recipient), close it and choose the temperature your extract needs. Hold the on/off button for 3 secs in order for it to start heating up.

To prevent possible burns avoid touching the atomizer area when it's heating up. Once it reaches the desired temperature it turns off automatically and as soon as the used extract starts evaporating you can inhale its vapors. The amount of vapor you’ll obtain will depend on the temperature and the amount of extract used.

How to clean the E-rig V2 Dabton vaporizer

Before cleaning it, you need to make sure it is completely cold. Use a cloth with isopropyl alcohol and carefully clean all its parts. Don’t use water to clean the base or battery area. All accessories should be cleaned regularly.

Graveda E-rig Dabton V2 Portable vaporizer contents:

  • 1 E-rig Dabton base
  • 2 800 mAh Li-Ion batteries
  • 1 glass attachment 
  • 1 carb cap
  • 1 atomizer cover with a titanium heating plate
  • 2 glass bowls
  • 2 titanium bowls
  • 1 usb c cable
  • 1 user’s manual
  • 1 dabbing tool

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