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Natural Clone

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Natural Clone by Trabe is a 100% natural rooting gel used to efficiently and quickly root clones/cuttings, avoiding infections.

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Natural Clone by Trabe is a rooting gel for clones/cuttings, guaranteeing a 100% natural process when rooting. It closes up any open wounds on your cuttings, keeping nasty infections out and guaranteeing that they root successfully thanks to its ingredients; it stimulates your plants so that they naturally generate more of the hormone needed to root successfully.

This product is essentially a natural alternative to typical cloning gels such as Clonex or iClone that obtains similar results on top of being 100% organic. Its ingredients are extracted from marine algae that contain plenty of vitamins and amino acids that stimulate your cuttings’ internal processes, even though they don’t have roots.

Natural Clone by Trabe allows you to make as many clones of your favorite strain as you want. All you have to do is choose your preferred mother plant, keep her at 18/6h and take your cuttings whenever you want.

Dosage and how to use Natural Clone by Trabe:

  • Make a clean cut when taking your cutting, under the second pair of leaves on the stem.
  • Get rid of the leaves near the base of the cutting with a clean cut.
  • Submerge 2cm of the base in the rooting gel for 10 seconds.
  • Wash your clone with water.
  • Plant your clone in your chosen substrate.
  • For the best possible result we recommend using an electric propagator that’ll keep your clones at a stable temperature and humidity.


  • Algae extracts



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hola, lo recomiendoSiempre que lo uso enraízan mis esquejes. Encima tiene un buen precio.Ciao

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Natural Clone