Urtifer - Liquid nettle

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Urtifer - Liquid nettle
  •  Urtifer - Liquid nettle
  •  Urtifer - Liquid nettle

Urtifer by Trabe is a product made out of nettle pulp, which is traditionally used to fight off fungi on cannabis plants.


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Urtifer - Liquid nettle

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Urtifer by Trabe is a product used to correct deficiencies in your plants and prevent fungi and rot from forming. It’s made mostly out of nettle pulp, which has been traditionally used for years in agriculture. This natural product gives your plants oligo-elements and nutrients that strengthen your plants.

Urtifer by Trabe is liquid nettle, which is essentially a natural fungicide that helps plants get rid of fungi during the growth and flowering phases.

Nettles have been used as fungicides for a very long time, although beforehand you used to have to mix them yourself; now you can get it already made and ready to use, avoiding any issues such as rot in a fully natural way.

It’s also used to fix iron, potassium, sulfur and other types of deficiency.

You can use it as a preventive product from the moment your plants have three or four pairs of leaves, right up until a couple of weeks before harvesting.

Dosage and how to use Urtifer by Trabe:

  • 15ml per liter of water
  • Spray your plants from top to bottom
  • We recommend spraying the bottom of the leaves first to make this easier.



  • 38,84 % organic matter
  • 22,75 % raw proteins
  • 23,75% raw ashes
  • 22,50 % pure protein
  • 11,74% raw fibre
  • 3,5 % nitrogen aprox
  • 2,92 % raw fat (etheric extraction)
  • 0,0193% Beta carotene
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Sulphur
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Nitrate
  • Iron
  • Silicon
  • Chlorine
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Nickel
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Urtifer - Liquid nettle Reviews


Nunca lo probé pero para ver qué tal funciona si da resultados parecidos alga a mic consigue mejor verde y ende además tiene función fungitiva contra hongos perfecta


gran aporte para las plantitas. Muchas gracias


Además de ser muy sano para mis plantas a diferencia de los Urtifer Ortiga Líquidas fitosanitarios químicos, funciona fenomenal como preventivo de hongos y plagas. Lo uso desde hace mucho tiempo ,y lo recomiendo sin ninguna duda.


Muy buen Urtifer Ortiga Líquida natural.


Como serían las fases de curación una vez a la semana ,desde que son pequeñas a que tipo de bichos le afecta es para exterior


Justo lo que estaba buscando. Un Urtifer Ortiga Líquida natural que me sirve para prevenir los hongos, mientras le aporto algo de alimento a mis plantas. He comprado varios Urtifer Ortiga Líquidas esta web y es fiable, de hecho yo dentro de poco cogeré este Urtifer Ortiga Líquida. Ciao y buenos cultivos a todos.

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