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Awesome Blossoms

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Awesome Blossoms by Technaflora is a flowering stimulant designed to give your plants some extra energy during that period.

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Awesome Blossoms by Technaflora was created by professional cultivators and can be used with any type of flowering plant, from marijuana to any other kind of plant. It’s absolutely perfect for the flowering period due to the fact that it is a flower stimulant. Thanks to this amazing product, the branches on your plants will generate bigger and thicker buds, which will be provided with the necessary nutrients for stable and proper growth. This product contains all the micro and macronutrients that your plants need so that its fruit can close up without any issues, therefore increasing their weight and generally making the final product better.

When used during the flowering period (during the first few weeks, to be specific), you’ll find that the branches on your plants have started producing more clusters, absolutely filling your plant up, even on the lower areas. It also increases terpene production, intensifying the aroma and fragrance of your bud, making you the envy of all your friends.

You should apply it combined with other Technaflora fertilizers, although it can be used with other brands if you know them well.

Awesome Blossoms by Technaflora offers your marijuana plants everything they need so that your bud smells, tastes, and looks professional, capable of winning any cannabis competition.

How to use:

  • Water: Apply 5ml per liter of water throughout the entire flowering period, alternating between Awesome Blossom plus the rest of your usual products and water on its own. Stop using about 15 days before you plan on harvesting.
  • Foliar application: Apply 15ml per liter of water once a week during the 3 weeks after the photo-period has changed. For indoor crops we recommend applying right before the lights go off, and for outdoor crops you should wait until the sun is about to go down.
  • Hydroponics: Apply 1-2ml pero liter of water directly to your irrigation tank, while also applying a decent flower base fertilizer along with other nutrients, whilst making sure that your pH levels are correct; 6-6.5


  • Total nitrogen (N): 2%
  • - ammonical nitrogen: 0.82%
  • - nitrate nitrogen: 1.18%
  • Phosphate (P²O²): 11%
  • Soluble potash (K²O): 8%

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Awesome Blossoms Reviews

HeyyHe usado este estimulador de floración en mis auto Nothern Lights, y tienen una cantidad de resina brutal. Saludos!!!

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Write your review

Awesome Blossoms

Awesome Blossoms

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