Sweet Afgani Delicious Fast Version F1 S.A.D

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Sweet Afgani Delicious Fast Version F1 S.A.D
  •  Sweet Afgani Delicious Fast Version F1 S.A.D
  •  Sweet Afgani Delicious Fast Version F1 S.A.D

S.A.D. Fast Version by Sweet Seeds yields dense, hard buds full of resin and sweet aromas; fast flowering.

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Seed Pack

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Sweet Afgani Delicious Fast Version F1 S.A.D

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Data sheet
Bank Sweet Seeds
Seed type Fast Version
Available individually No
Recommended use Medicinal
Recommended growing environment Outdoors
Cannabinoid profile THC-dominant
Genotype Indica
Physical effect Heavy
Psychoactive effect Creative
Indoor Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
Outdoor Harvest Time September
Flavor Sweet
Flavor 2 Earthy
Climate Rainy/High humidity

Sweet Afgani Delicious F1 Fast Version by Sweet Seeds is many peoples’ favorite plant due to its high yields, incredibly dense and sweet buds and its thick layers of resin and sweet aromas. Now, with this Fast Version, you can harvest much earlier than with the original SAD version, with almost the exact same yield and flavor.

Sweet Afgani Delicious Fast Version F1 Grow Guide

Sweet Afgani Delicious Fast Version F1 indoor grow

When planted indoors you’ll be able to get maximum flavor and strength, growing flowers on every single available space. With 9 plants per square meter you can harvest around 450-500g per 600w light. SAD is perfect if you’re looking to grow using a SCRoG trellis net, centering yield on the tips of the branches thus allowing you to almost double the total yield when done correctly.

Sweet Afgani Delicious Fast Version F1 outdoor grow

Outdoors is where this strain does best, however, growing as big as it possibly can and producing plenty of long delicious colas of buds ready to harvest towards the beginning of September, yielding up to 500g from just one plant. If taken care of properly, this plant can give incredible results; thick, delicious rock-hard buds.

Sweet Afgani Delicious Fast Versiom F1 Strain Information

This delicious strain can now be yours for a stupidly affordable price. It has the same aroma and flavor as the original version, giving a sweet and sort of thick smoke when inhaled. It gives potent, long-lasting effects that’ll have you physically relaxed while mentally stimulated.

  • Sativa/Indica: 10/90%
  • Flowering: 50 days indoors, beginning of September outdoors.
  • Height: 0.9-1.4m indoors, 1-2.3m outdoors.
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Sweet Afgani Delicious Fast Version F1 S.A.D Reviews


Me encanta esta variedad


Resina a mas no poder. Perfecta para extracciones


Me encanta esta variedad esos cogollos tan prietos y zepa 1recomendable


La germino todos los años y muy bien.


Esperemos que germinen y saque una buena cosecha seguire informando de todo lo que suceda


Muy bien todo


hace poco sembré unas semillas de White widow regular esperando hembras y machos pero solo me lasieron machos,, asi que germine mi planta de SAD F1 fast versión con el polen de las White widow ,,, y menudos cañamones gordísimos me han salido,,,, espero que de este cruce salgan plantas tan resinosas como la madre y tan potentes como los padres,,, por cierto la SAD F1 es un pedazo de planta tremendamente potente y resinosa.

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Well I harvested the second plant as soon as I noticed areas of bud rot on a few colas. I sure wish the breeders would develop resistant strains. Many of us in the U.S. northeast and Mid-Atlantic experience cool nights and high humidity in the month of September, close to when this strain should be harvested. Based on advice I pruned out the bad sections and hung the stems to dry quickly. Using temps in the 80-95 degree Fahrenheit range, a dehumidifier, and a slow moving ceiling fan I was able to dry the harvest quickly. Then I went through each bud looking for mold infections. If I found any, I removed them and any buds near them. I tossed them all out, and it was probably 30% of my harvest. I will continue to monitor the jars as they cure. Any sign of mold, and the entire jar will be thrown out. You do not want mold on anything you plan on ingesting. It can make you sick.I do want to note that since the drying room was rather warm, many terpenes were released into the air. I can honestly say that the sweet skunky smell was really prevalent, so much so it spread throughout my home. In a few months buds from my two plants will be ready to try. I'll let you know t h e results.

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I'm growing two plants of this strain. One planted May 20 and the second on June 2nd. First one I pruned the terminal bud and also tied it over. It formed a bushy plant about a meter in height. I harvested it August 24 when 50 - 70% of the pistils were brown and curling. I hung the stems to dry and in four days the reached enough drying to jar them. Since then I've been opening the jars daily to help them cure. I didn't get near what I expected, only four pint jars of bud, and 1.5 quarts of trim and leaves for making canna butter.Now the second plant I left untouched. It grew to its recorded height of seven+ feet. There are about 29 main stems. Today, the pistils are almost all white. As I want this to develop more cannabinoids I'm going to wait three more weeks to harvest. That will make it a month longer than first plant (which was two weeks older).


Resina, si.


menuda resina joder.

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