RAW Rolling Paper Size 1¼

RAW Rolling Paper Size 1¼
  •  RAW Rolling Paper Size 1¼
  • RAW Rolling Paper Size 1¼ - Boxes
  •  RAW Rolling Paper Size 1¼
  • RAW Rolling Paper Size 1¼ - Boxes
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Raw is the preferred rolling paper brand by stoners all over the world. Each pack contains 50 papers. If you buy the entire box you’ll have papers for ages – no more scurrying to find papers under the sofa.

Smoking Papers
Smoking Papers

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RAW Rolling Paper Size 1¼

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Smoker Supplies Rolling Papers

RAW Papers for Joints

Raw papers are known to be the most-used papers by the stoner community, and now you can get your hands on an entire box of Raw standard-sized rolling papers.

Save Time and Money

How many times have you had everything you need to roll yourself a big juicy joint, but suddenly you’re out of paper and you need to go get some? Do you tend to lose your rolling papers? Do you break papers accidentally when you roll? Well, we have a solution for you. If you're the kind of person that tends to use a full pack of papers every couple of days, you can now get your hands on an amazing offer. Thanks to the full Raw paper box, you won’t be running out of papers any time soon – highly affordable and a great money-saver.

100% Natural Rolling Papers

Raw rolling papers are the most used papers by consumers all over the world, thanks to their 100% natural creation process. Raw papers have taken over America and Europe, and have had celebrity sponsors such as Wiz Khalifa.

High Quality Papers

These standard papers have as little glue as possible on the inside, upper area – just wet it a teeny bit and it’ll stick to the other side of the paper perfectly, closing your joint up entirely regardless of what’s inside it.

You can either buy one pack of papers with 50 leaves each, or an entire box of 24 packs of papers at the best possible price. As well as saving money, you’ll have papers for weeks and weeks – no more running out to the shop before it closes.

Original Cannabis Flavor with RAW Papers

It doesn’t contain any additives or chemical components. They’re brown because they haven’t gone through any sort of whitening process, which is extremely chemical and isn’t too healthy to smoke.

If you have one of those friends that’s always asking for papers and never buys his or her own, get them one of these boxes for their birthday and we’re sure they’ll highly appreciate it, and the rest of your friends will surely be relieved. Boxes are also a great idea if you have your own shop and want to sell papers there.

RAW 1.1/4 Details:

  • Standard size (1.1-4)
  • Each box contains 24 packs.
  • Each pack contains 50 leaflets.

Made in Alcoy, Alicante, Spain.

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RAW Rolling Paper Size 1¼ Reviews

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Clásicos, nunca te desilusionan. Excelente atención The Green Brand!


Cuestan prácticamente todos los papeles igual...pero Sin duda la calidad es Ese
Envío super rápido


Me encanta todos sus RAW 1.1/4s. Aparte pides algo al otro día lo tienes. Y siempre tienen un detalle con el cliente. Súper recomendado Grow barato.net






papeles increíbles, raw no decepciona. muy recomendables.


Buen RAW 1.1/4 y buena relación calidad precio. ¡Como siempre!


Para mi el mejor


Buen papel sin sabor


Siempre raw en mi bolsillo, siempre tengo que pedir alguno en el pedido se acaban rápido jajaja


Buen papel de fumar


Pega muy bien y va de fábula.


Cogi uno para probar y me cambie a raw un papel tremendo de bueno rula y pega a la perfección


El mejor papel posible


Viene q no veas tener uno de estos en casa, para no andar con papeles sueltos en el bolsillo


siempre uso esta marca,es buena marca

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