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Ak-47 by Serious Seeds will truly shoot you down and leave you on the sofa for some hours. One of the strongest strains you can smoke.

80,00 €

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Product description

Ak-47 has received many awards in all kind of contests and it's a true winner. Grown by us, it resulted in joints that made our body sing to our heart's rhythm. Smoking AK-47 is a real experience and this sativa-dominant strain will have a demolishing effect on anybody.

Indoors, it's a large plant that produces compact flowers with very few leaves, a fact that will make trimming very easy. Also, it is almost a zero waste strain since leaves can be used for extractions of the finest quality. Its dense smoke will force to you share your joints, unless you want to die by smoking the entirely on your own and it was given its name due to this demolishing effect.  You'll have a plant that grows fast and shows a firm structure that will support the large buds it produces effortlessly when the flowering period starts. You'll get very heavy plants and 9 of them will be enough to produce up to 400g per m2.

Outdoors, it develops differently. It grows tall and wide, allowing light to penetrate through it and reach even the lower buds. This will result is a more than decent production, spread all over the plant and with no major difference in terms of hardness between the buds of the lower and the upper branches (the only difference will be the length). It consumes good amounts of nutrients so you have to think about a global fertilizing plan for all growing stages, using a flowering booster, a fattening base and sugars.

This is a plant for experienced growers that will surprise new producers with its extreme potency. Its citrus and coarse flavours remind of Old School marijuana, powerful both in the chest and in terms of effect. Many users find it highly medicinal for certain cases.

  • Sativa/Indica: mainly sativa.
  • Flowering: 53-63 days indoors. End of October outdoors.
  • Height: 1-1.2m indoors. 2-2.5m outdoors.

Data sheet

  • Flavor - Citric
  • Climate - Dry
  • Effect - Creative-stimulant
  • Genotype - Sativa hybrid


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puff menudo colocon,me deja atonta,pero esque tenta su sabor

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    Ak-47 by Serious Seeds will truly shoot you down and leave you on the sofa for some hours. One of the strongest strains you can smoke.

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