Pure Factory 3 Bag Kit

Pure Factory 3 Bag Kit
  •  Pure Factory 3 Bag Kit
  •  Pure Factory 3 Bag Kit
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A kit that contains 3 Pure Factory bags for extracting hashish with ice. All with top quality plastic that is durable and long-lasting.


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Pure Factory 3 Bag Kit

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Pure Factory Bags for Water Hash Extracts

This Three bag set is used for making hash extracts via ice water. Make the most out of resinous strains like AK 47 or Bubblegum, using leftover trimmings to make potent hash extracts after harvesting. Pure Factory bags are used to extract quality hash from ice water in one of the easiest ways possible. 

Learn how to make water hash using Pure Factory bags

  • Simply freeze your cannabis, trimmings, basically any vegetal material from your plants. Fill a bucket up with cold water, purified if possible, and pour in some ice so that it gets extra cold.
  • Check the temperature – once it’s at around 2ºC you’ll need to add your plant material.
  • Mix it slowly so that all of the material is nice and soaked. Then, place the bags in order from least microns to most microns in an empty bucket of the same size – first, place the 38 micron mesh, then 70 and then 220. Empty out the other bucket into this one, and then remove the mesh on the top, which should contain the leftovers and any plant material you used. The water will continue to filter down through the bags.
  • The second bag should already contain hash, which you should be able to scoop out with a spoon and place to one side. Place it on a piece of cardboard in order to get rid of excess water before setting it to dry. Also make sure to do the same with the last bag.
  • Once it's dried a bit, run the results through a very thin sieve, as if you're grating it, so that it turns into little crumbs and you can get all humidity out from inside. Once done, put it on a plate and leave it for a week.

Pure Factory Bag Maintenance

In order to keep these Pure Factory bags in the best possible condititions we recommend pressure washing them with cold distilled or osmosis water, which makes sure that each and every part of it is clean, allowing resin to pass through properly when used next.

One of the best, most professional ways to extract hash.

Pure Factory 3 Bag Kit Details:

  • 1x 220 micra bag
  • 1x 70 micra bag
  • 1x 38 micra bag
  • 1x 20 x 20cm pressing mesh
  • 19L bag capacity
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muy satisfecho


Se echan de menos las instrucciones


tiene un proceso un poquito largo pero vale la pena,un saludo

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