Pure Factory 5 Bag Kit (Ice Extraction)

Pure Factory 5 Bag Kit (Ice Extraction)
  •  Pure Factory 5 Bag Kit (Ice Extraction)
  •  Pure Factory 5 Bag Kit (Ice Extraction)
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The five bag kit is perfect for making your very own hash extracts via ice water and any leftover trimmings or buds.


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Pure Factory 5 Bag Kit (Ice Extraction)

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With this complete Pure factory 5 bag ice extraction kit, you’ll be able to make the most of the resin that your plants produce, allowing you to separate them by quality. It’s incredibly easy to use, simply follow these steps and you’ll be at it in no time:

How to use Pure Factory ice Extraction Bags

  • Fill a bucket up with incredibly cold water, preferably distilled or osmosis water. Pour plenty of ice into the bucket – the ice should be osmosis or distilled too.
  • Let the temperature reach 2°C before pouring in your cannabis. Once it’s in, mix it for about 10 minutes. Prepare another bucket, the same size as the first, and start placing the bags in in ascending order; 38 microns first, 70 microns, 90 microns, 185 microns, and lastly 220 microns.
  • Now, empty the bucket with the water and cannabis into the bucket with the bags, making sure that they’re in order and properly attached. You can mix it again for another 10-20 minutes taking extreme care not to damage the bag, or simply mix for a couple of minutes so the resin has time to sink.
  • Remove the first bag, which should hold all of your cannabis; wring it out with your hands and set it to one side, as it doesn’t contain any hash. The next bags should start showing hash at the bottom; make sure to wring them out properly and then use a spoon to scoop out the hash and deposit it on the pressing mesh in order to remove any remaining moisture.
  • Once it’s been wrung out, place your hash evenly on a piece of clean cardboard and place it in a dark, clean and ventilated area. Mix it up every now and then to help it lose more humidity and stop rot from appearing. Once it’s more or less dry, we recommend passing it through a sieve to make sure that it has the exact right texture, fully drying out in just a couple of more days.
  • Once it’s fully dry you can press it, using a glass bottle and hot water, or you can consume it. In order to make the most out of it, we recommend consuming it in a BHO bong using water.

Pure Factory 5 Bag Ice Extraction Kit

  • 1x 220 micron bag
  • 1x 185 micron bag
  • 1x 90 micron bag
  • 1x 70 micron bag
  • 1x 38 micron bag
  • 1x 20x20cm pressing mesh
  • 19L maximum capacity (all bags)

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ya me han llegado a casa y las he usado,van de maravilla.gracias

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