Waterproof Plastic Sheeting

Waterproof Plastic Sheeting
  •  Waterproof Plastic Sheeting
  •  Waterproof Plastic Sheeting
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This waterproof plastic sheeting is perfect for covering surfaces in case of water leaks in your pipe system, such as on wooden flooring.


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Waterproof Plastic Sheeting

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Water Proof Plastic Sheeting to Prevent Floor Leakages 

Waterproof plastic sheeting easily covers surfaces in your grow room – if you're sick of wiping up residue after spraying or watering your plants so that they don't soak into the floor or if you've ever had a leak in your irrigation system, this is the ideal sheeting for you.

Place the Waterproof Plastic Sheeting on the floor and work comfortably

Layer it on the ground in order to make sure that no water gets through; you can use it to cover all types of surfaces, including wooden surfaces indoors or any surface you don't want to get wet or dirty, such as a work table.

This waterproof sheeting is white, practical and affordable; the price is for 1 m x 4 m of plastic sheeting. Increase the amount for longer sheeting (if you want 3 m x 4 m, choose 3). This is one of the thickest plastics on the market; you can walk across it without breaking it if needed.

Waterproof plastic sheeting details:

  • 4 m wide and however long is needed
  • Cut by the meter
  • 1000 gauge thickness
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Waterproof Plastic Sheeting Reviews

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Pensé que tenía otra medida, pero es muy resistente y fuerte.


se lo ve fuerte y resistente ...el tiempo lo dirá ;)


Es duro de muy buena calidad pero cuidado porque resbala un poco


Es de muy buena calidad es duro lo cual viene de lujo para la batalla de poner mil cosas encima y no romperlo y ni gotita de humedad sin duda un gran Plástico anti agua


Hola hontocanabico.
Las medidas vienen indicadas en la descripción.
Tiene 4 metros de ancho y el largo lo eliges tu sumando en la cantidad de Plástico anti agua.
Un saludo


Hola, me gustaria saber el tamaño.


Plástico muito bom e de boa qualidade.Eu uso por debaixo do meu armário como precaução/reforço por causa de possíveis humidades.


es perfecto,a mi me pasaba con el vecino jjjajaa,ya no hay problemas,gracias

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