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Juicy Roots

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Juicy Roots is a gel for rooting your clones the best way possible; if your cuttings don't root with this product, they probably wouldn't have done so anyway.

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With Juicy Roots by Advanced Nutrients, you can make your own marijuana clones (or clones from practically any other plant) with an incredible success rate, since practically 100% of your clones will root, and if Juicy Root can’t do it, no other product on the market would be able to; guaranteed professional quality.

With Juicy Roots, roots will form earlier and become stronger, allowing for faster growth over the entire plant. At the same time, it reduces the time it takes between cutting the clones and getting them into the vegetative cycle. You will save time which also equates to big savings in general.

You can use an electric propagator (or cloner), which keeps a constant temperature of 24ºC, you’ll save time on each harvest. To root them correctly the first two days, you should keep humidity above 90% which means the bag or grating should be closed. On the third day, open the vent holes a few millimeters in order to reduce humidity slightly, to stabilize it at around 70%, which you should keep stable until you see roots, which is when you should transplant your clones into a 1L plant pot (better if it is taller than wider) and you can put it under your lights for 18/6h. These instructions are also good for germinating seeds in a cloning chamber.

Dose and How to Use Juicy Roots by Advanced Nutrients:

  • 1st- Pour the amount of gel that you need into a small container.
  • 2nd- Submerge the selected cutting 1cm deep in the Gel (you should be sure to completely cover the areas of the cut at the tip of the cutting)
  • 3rd- Plant them in the medium you will use to root them (for example rock wool)
  • 4th- Place them in a closed environment (An electric propagator is ideal) with:
    • a constant temperature (21-24ºC).
    • a more gentle light source (a simple fluorescent light or by a window that won’t give them direct sunlight)
    • humidity level between 85% and 95%.
  • 5th- Two days later, increase the air flow slightly so that the humidity drops to around 70% and keep constant.
  • 6th- Wait until you notice that the vegetative cycle starts and roots appear in the grow medium.

Composition of Juicy Roots by Advanced Nutrients:

  • 1% indoleacetic acid.
  • Inert ingredients 99%.

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este producto es fascinante,buen resultado recomendado 100%

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Juicy Roots

Juicy Roots