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Oleat Bio by Trabe is an organic insecticide that can be used to treat plants that have been infected by insects like white flies or aphids.

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Oleat BIO by Trabe is a 100% natural insecticide used to treat cannabis plants that have been infested with insects such as aphids, which are then decomposed into nutrients that your plants can absorb. It contains potasic soap so your plants should be able to absorb it just fine.

OleatBio is perfect for those that grow their plants organically, as it doesn’t contain any chemicals and you shouldn’t need to use harmful pesticides to get rid of any insects. It’s highly effective against insects such as white flies and aphids – any soft-shell insects. You’ll be able to get rid of them with a few simple sprays without needing to use toxic products to do so.

Even though you may not be able to fully get rid of them, you’ll be able to do away with most of them in order to allow your plants to grow properly. For red spider mites and thrips you’ll need to use more specific products, alternating with this one so you don’t stress your plant out too much.

For thrips we recommend using a multipurpose insecticide that guarantees good results, although these products tend to be chemical in nature – sometimes there’s just no other way.

You can use cinnamon extract to do away with red spider mites, taking just a couple of doses to get rid of them.

Dosage and how to use by Oleat Bio by Trabe:

Spray on:

  • Spray your plants from the bottom up, taking special care to get the bottom of the leaves to get rid of all insects.

Dissolved in water:

  • The minimum dose is about 2% of 1 liter – 20ml per 1000ml.
  • We recommend spraying underneath the leaves along the bottom first.
  • Once a week at most.
  • Stop using at least 15 days before harvesting.



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con este insecticida no veo ni una mosca ni ningún bicharraco en mis plantas. Funciona!

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