Secret Icer Hash Washer Kit

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Secret Icer Hash Washer Kit - 2 bags
  •  Secret Icer Hash Washer Kit
  • Washer
  • Pyramid bags
  • Washer wheel
  • Washer timer
  •  Secret Icer Hash Washer Kit
  • Washer
  • Pyramid bags
  • Washer wheel
  • Washer timer
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Make your very own washer hash at home with this washer + bag kit + suction thermometer - you hacve everything you need to comfortably make your own extracts!


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Secret Icer Hash Washer Kit

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Secret Icer Kit Washer Kit for Hash Extracts

Thanks to this full Secret Icer Hash Washer Kit you can make the most of the leftover trimmings from your plants, making your very own ice hash in no time at all. These types of mini washers have a specific spin cycle that, when combined with the low temperature of the water plus the added ice, remove resin trichomes from buds and trimmings. It’s a highly efficient and clean technique that doesn’t leave any sort of residues in the resulting hash as long as you use pure, filtered water which a 5 Stage Reverese Osmosis Filter will make.

In order to make your own washer hash, simply pour cold water into the washer without going over the limit, indicated by the line along the inside. The water should be distilled or osmosis water, or else you won’t get the quality hash you’re looking for. Next, you’ll need to pour in some ice and wait for the water temperature to reach 2°C. Once the temperature is right, remove the ice and put in your micron bag with previously frozen cannabis or trimmings. Set it for 10 minutes – once it’s over, point the draining pipe towards a container with your Secret Icer micron meshes ready to go in order to get your resin out of the water.

Once you’ve removed all of the water, begin removing the meshes one by one and removing any excess water. Remove the remaining hash from each mesh and place it on a clean surface to dry for 24 h. Once done, make sure to clean the meshes and the washer to keep them working like day one.

How to use the Secret Icer Hash Washer Kit:

  • Place the washer on a table or somewhere up high.
  • Pour in your water and ice without going over the limit mark.
  • The water needs to be between 2 and 4°C
  • Pour your cannabis or trimmings (frozen) into the pyramid-shaped micron bag.
  • Remove the ice from the washer once it’s reached the right temp, put the micron bag in and set it for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, wring out the bag inside the washer and take it out.
  • Place your secret icer micron meshes in a plastic container in the right order.
  • Empty the contents of the washer using the drainage pipe into the container with the meshes.
  • Wash out the inside of the washer with more pure water so that you get all of the hash.
  • Remove and drain each mesh carefully, remove the hash from each one and let it sit and dry for 24 h.
  • Clean the meshes and washer.

Secret Icer Hash Washer Kit

  • Washer
  • Micron bag
  • Secret Icer micron meshes (choose amount in the pull-down menu above)
  • Suction thermometer
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Equipe GB

Bonjour Jonathan,

Le kit de 2 sacs des secret icer a:
Le Sac Secret Icer Jaune : 190 microns et
Le Sac Secret Icer Bleu : 45 microns



Bonjour je voudrais connaître la taille des micron pour les 2 sac svp.merci

Sebastian P

Muy bueno, cumple Espectativas con un precio inmejorable, gracias a the green brand por estos productos.

Sebastian P

Muy buen producto, cálida precio inmejorable, gestión de reparto super bien.


Super ! Fonctionne très bien ????????????

Equipo GB

Buenas tardes, la capacidad de la lavadora, Secret Icer Kit es de 5L


De cuántos litros es?

stevens P

best machine for extraction

Jose L

Preparándola para darle caña

Ivan B

Buen tambor se ve de buena calidad este kit es de las mejores compras que e podido hacer muy contento

David P

Perfecta muy rico todo haha

Alain T

Buena compra funciona bien y lava mejor os aconsejo comprarla

Alejandra Marine Bueno

Un artículo increíble...y un servicio de empresa superior....estoy muy contenta y seguiré comprando en vuestro negocio. Gracias de corazón

Hector T

Muu buen Secret Icer kit lavadora (completo), sale un hash muu bueno


Una de las mejores compras que he hecho.La extracción es de una calidad suprema.

Ivan martinez gonzalez

Muy buen Secret Icer kit lavadora (completo) muy duraderas y tiene buen tamaño para extraer

Ivan martinez gonzalez

Es la segunda que compro y no tengo ninguna queja funciona de maravilla y duran muchísimo muchas gracias


De cuantas micras es el tamiz más fino que se puede utilizar para Acer hachís con hielo

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Gracias por tus valoraciones, Saludos!

Rubén A

Cumple con su cometido y tiene un buen tamaño


me interesa este kit me pondre en contacto con vosotros.

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