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Fum Box Mini Fum Box Mini

Fum Box Mini

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Fum Box is a box that’s designed for curing cannabis, made out of sturdy Okume. This box is perfect for maintaining the right amount of humidity when curing your buds.

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Fum Box boxes are made out of an African wood called Okume, which is known for leaving absolutely 0 traces of flavor or odor in cannabis – oak boxes sometimes do this. It also doesn’t allow anything such as resin to seep through, which could damage your weed. They’re extremely sturdy and when you close the box it becomes air tight, meaning that it stays nice and humid inside, exactly where you need it to be. When closed it has a system that allows some air through so that the humidity doesn’t stagnate, staying constant.

Its shape inside ensures that humidity will be evenly spaced out, and you can easily keep it under control by using a precise hygrometer and a dense sponge. In order to increase humidity, you just need to wet the sponge with a few drops of water, and to lower it simply place some silica gel sachets inside. If you don’t feel like getting too technical with it, simply add some Boveda 62 in order to increase and lower humidity automatically, keeping it at a nice and healthy 62%.

Every Fum-Box has a 135 micron mesh on which you place your weed – this allows the thinnest of resin glands to filter through the mesh. There’s a little tray underneath the mesh, so you can easily collect a few hash joints towards the end of your grow.

Its hinges are made out of steel with a stainless nickel cover, ensuring that they’ll stay clean and operational for a long time. The lid opens to a 110º angle.

We have three different Fum-Box sizes:

  • The smallest Fum Box can hold 2-3g of weed and also has a mesh so any resin that falls off will be collected on the lower part. It has three parts; one cover and two trays. The upper tray is where the 135 micron mesh is and where you should place your weed – the resin will fall down to the lower part. All of the pieces are attached with powerful magnets so that none of it accidentally comes apart. This model doesn’t have a hygrometer – it’s used just to transport a few buds.
  • The medium-sized Fum Box is more apt for curing your weed – you can fit up to 50g into it, and it has a hygrometer so you can keep control of the humidity, and a separator so that you can cure two different strains at once. It has special compartments where you can place items used to humidify or dehumidify your weed, and some openings that allow air to flow through the box without reducing humidity. It also has two high density sponges that you can drop a bit of water onto to make sure that the humidity is at the right level. It has a tray and a mesh like the small one so that you can collect any bits of errant resin. All parts are held in place with a powerful magnet.
  • The large fum box is the biggest one we have, capable of holding from 110 to 120g of weed. It has two compartments and the humidifying or dehumidifying products are placed in the center of the box in this case, making for a more balanced humidity level in general. Each side has its own mesh and tray underneath, so you can easily cure and keep two different strains in the same box. The hygrometer and sponges are also in the middle of the box.

Whatever size you decide to go with, you’ll have a handy curing box that’ll guarantee you top quality weed with a special design that’s made specifically for home-growers. These boxes are designed to produce some of the best cured weeds around – some of the most professional ways to cure around.


  • Small: 9x5x3.5cm
  • Medium: 25x23x14cm
  • Large: 36x24x13cm

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Fum Box Mini Reviews


Hola Aitor
Son distintos modelos de la misma caja; debe elegir el color arriba. Un saludo


Como es la caja negra me aparece una negra entera y otra de color madera en la de color negro cual es?


Hola Sophie,
Este fum box es el mini. Un saludo!


No puedo elegir el tamaño. Cuál es el tamaño de la caja de 26 €? Gracias


mantener tu weed en su punto ideal es posible con fum box !!!si controlador de humedad es la clave de su exito !!

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Fum Box Mini

Fum Box Mini